SimplyTweet 3 With Push Notifications ($4.99) Is Free In App Store Today [Download]


SimplyTweet 3 is without a doubt one of the best Twitter clients for iPhone / iPod touch available in App Store and with features like configurable themes, customizable swipe-to-reveal menu and push notification support, some believe this is perhaps the most feature packed twitter client for iOS out there. It usually costs US $4.99 but for the holidays, MotionObj is offering it as a free download in the App Store. The offer is valid for a limited time so grab it before the price tag goes back to usual.

Here is the long list of features supported by SimplyTweet 3:

? Push notification support for Mentions and Direct Messages.
? Configurable push notification sounds
? iOS 4 Fast app switching support
? iPhone 4 hi-res support
? Multiple accounts support
? System Contacts linking and sending direct messages from Contacts app
? Themes – Silver, Twilight, Yellow, Bubbles, Pink
? Browse conversations reply chain
? Browse conversations between you and another person
? Lists (create groups of friends, etc. Note that anyone can be added, as long as their updates are not protected)
? Multiple drafts
? Customizable swipe-to-reveal shortcuts
? Unread tweet indicators for all themes, scroll to last read tweet on startup
? Unread counts display
? Full landscape support (including timelines, drafting and photo viewer)
? Reply to multiple people at once
? Tweetshrink support (both tweets and DM)
? Contact pickers
? Send direct messages longer than 140 characters
? Support updating of user profile and profile image within SimplyTweet
? Video and multiple photos in a single tweet uploading
? Remembers most recently used hashtags across sessions
? Block/Unblock support, and option to report spammer
? Bigger text option
? Saved searches
? Instapaper Support
? Read it Later Support
? What The Trend Support
? TextExpander support (you need TextExpander app installed to use it. Configure shortcuts in TextExpander app, enable sharing, and you get to use them in SimplyTweet)
? Option to hide avatars in blocked list
? Translation Support
? Tweet current song (#nowplaying)

? Perform search
? Proximity search
? User search
? Favorites support
? Trends support
? View public Twitter timeline
? Load older tweets and direct messages
? Post tweets, RT
? Direct messages, including browsing list recipients and autocompletion
? Saving of drafts
? Configurable image compression for uploads
? Posterous Support (multiple photos and video upload with hashtags converted to tags)
? Posterous support for long tweets
? TwitLonger support for long tweets
? TwitPic support (multiple photos)
? yfrog support (multiple photos and video upload)
? TwitrPix support (multiple photos)
? TwitVid support (video upload)
? Bookmarklet Support
? Built-in photo viewer
? Opening a user profile directly (Go to User)
? Twitter Lists
? Instapaper Support
? Read It Later Support
? Geotagging
? URL Shortening support with TinyURL,,,

Below is the direct iTunes link:


  • Cjlee9

    Not bad but Tweetbot is still the my favorite.

  • Anonymous

    Tweetbot is the best Twitter app hands down.

  • Anonymous

    Just tried and based on my first impression, I don’t like it

  • Jdkshcn

    Don’t download it, it’s pretty crappy, especially for 5 bucks

  • Daniel

    Agreed! I love my Tweetbot!

  • Same, Tweetbot is the best iOS app for Twitter. PERIOD.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll chime in here, as well.

    I went from Echofon to Echofon Pro to Twitter for iPhone then Tweetbot. Tweetbot PWNS all 3, no questions asked. Most reliable, easiest to use, most options, sexy sounds, intuitive design and fantastic push options. I’ve even gone as far as turning off push notifs from both Twitter & Echofon Pro solely because Tweetbot annihilates them.

    All this because Twitter updated their app to the new-new Twitter design, which is fine on the web, but they kind of ruined their own app. Tweetbot went on sale for $.99, and after some glowing recommendations from friends, I’m completely sold. Another app would have to have some truly mind-blowing features to get me to even consider switching.

    Nothing but <3 for Tweetbot.