Since the iPhone, ARM Has Flourished While Intel Has Not



The iPhone is the handset that revolutionized the smartphone. It has acted like a money magnet for all those who got close to it and realized that mobile is the next trend. Just look at ARM and Intel. Bloomberg put the two companies side by side before and after the iPhone launch, and the result is mind blowing.

Before the iPhone reached consumers, Intel’s market capitalization was $155 billion, while ARM’s was $1.7 billion.

Fast forward to today: due to its failure to enter the mobile market, Intel’s market capitalization has dropped to $114 billion. This is still an impressive amount but is a significant decline in just a few years.

ARM on the other hand has recorded an incredible rise: with its $18.5 billion market capitalization, the company has grown nearly 990%, only because Apple has revolutionized the smartphone industry.

Also, if we look at Qualcomm, the biggest seller of chips for mobile phones, we see its tremendous growth, with recent quarterly sales forecasts ranging between $5.9 billion and $6.6 billion. This is partly due to Apple.

Of course Intel still has a huge amount of money it can invest into mobile development, so the fight is on. But the clock is ticking for the Santa Clara-based company.


  • GoodbyeNfuqoff

    Wow this is the stupiest article i have ever seen on this headline trolling news regurgitator. We have all become dumber for reading it.. Compairing market capitalization?? Really Intel lost more than ARM is worth in total and then some.But Intel isnt hurting one bit. Its not like ARM is stealing the market away.. Its just filling a new void that didnt exist before. Intel never had a product to enter the mobile space 10 years ago. The Atom line was still to large and power hungry unless. Intel is poised to bring some great x86 tablets to the market and eventually phones. Then lets see what happens with market valuations which is a measure of nothing really except investor greed. And your claim that this never could have happened without your glorius iphon . Pull your head out of Jobs’ crotch for a min and see the real world . Holy Shyt . Im unsubscribing from this poor excuse from a feed. More like a trashy tabloid vomiting up rumors and headline trolling with a couple of die hard icult fanatics. Good riddance