Video Shows Apple’s Siri is Actually Better than Google Assistant


Siri vs google

Contrary to popular belief that Apple’s Siri sucks while Google Assistant is the best AI assistant out there, a new video by Matt Birchler has compared the two virtual assistants side by side, asking the same questions from both, and it seems that Siri is actually better than Google’s offering.

“I have been using Siri for years, and have been going 100% in on Android over the last few weeks and have given Google Assistant a solid effort. My experience has been a little different than the popular narrative”.

It’s best that you watch the video below and see for your self. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


  • jay

    One thing I hate on Siri everything I am trying to do end up “you have to unlock your phone first” gave up and not using it anymore. While on an android phone I can have secure location like my car Bluetooth and than there is no more lock screen.

  • FragilityG4

    Should you be searching while driving?

  • Dave

    I have played with Google Assistant on a friends phone, and was unimpressed. It seemed a master at telling me stuff I already knew, the most common expression was a sarcastic, “thanks google, tell me something I don’t know”
    I’ll never experience it on any of my own devices, because I would never allow a Google product on any of my devices.

  • While I recognize that everybody uses Siri somewhat differently, after the fascination wore off years ago I pretty much relegated myself to issuing command sequences that are easier to do with my voice just because my iPhone isn’t handy, or certain things that can only be done with my voice, and those work pretty admirably.

    Maybe I’m old-school, but I’d generally still rather look things up by typing than asking Siri, but when it comes to doing things like controlling HomeKit devices and setting quick reminders — especially for grocery lists as I’m going through my cupboards — Siri excels. Dictating messages and settings reminders via CarPlay is another one, as of course is getting directions, and these are all things that I’ve never had a serious problem using Siri for — with the possible exception of Siri and Maps having issues with getting directions to “Yonge” street a few years back, mostly due to the weird unintuitive spelling of Toronto’s main drag (Siri kept wanting to take me to a “Young” street a few towns away). That problem has since been fixed, however, so it’s no longer really an issue.

    I can’t say I’ve tried the new Google Assistant, but I’ve also never really bumped up against any serious limitations in what Siri can do for my own purposes, and as the video above points out, the HomeKit stuff is almost exclusively a Siri benefit right now anyway, and that probably represents about half of what I use Siri for on a daily basis.

  • Brad Fortin

    No surprise here. Most of the praise people have for Google Assistant seems to be in its potential to improve via future updates, and even though Siri’s been getting exactly those kinds of updates over the years a lot of people still think of Siri as the same Siri that came on the iPhone 4S, completely unchanged, and with no hope of changing more in the future. Glad to finally see someone evaluating them as they are today, and not for what they promise to be in the future or what they were in the past.

  • Naqib Ehsan

    It’s actually intended for hands free use so yes, you can do anything you wish as long as you are hands free.

  • Salinger

    Definitely not a valid comparison. He’s using the gimped assistant in Allo, vs full-fledged Siri on an iPhone.

    I can’t speak to Google Assistant, but I use Google Now all the time on my iPhone. I only use Siri for on-phone based things. Even then, it will often get it wrong or tell me “you need to unlock your iPhone first” which kind of negates any benefit of voice commands.

    There’s probably a reason the guy who made this video only has 26 subscribers after more than a year on YouTube. He says he uses an Android phone, yet the only videos on his channel dealing with mobile devices are iOS.

  • Cody

    Allo vs Siri comparison more like it. I tried the very first question “What’s my schedule look like today?” on my Pixel XL and it showed all my events properly. This video needs to be re-done using a Google Pixel and not through message app.

  • Erik

    I can always use Siri while my phone is locked. Using “Hey Siri” or holding down the home button. Not sure what you’re doing, but check your settings, it should work while locked.

  • Certain queries will require you to unlock your iPhone first, like “Check my e-mail” or “Unlock my front door” (HomeKit), but beyond that it’s been my experience that even initial web searches will provide results on your locked screen — you only need to unlock your iPhone if you actually tap on a result, since in that case you’re opening a page in Safari. Obviously Apple could create a locked down web browser mode, but that’s another issue entirely.

  • Leo

    it’s not Siri vs Google Assisstent. It’s Siri vs Allo with google assisstent. Try it on Android when it’s not cut and has an access to everything. Siri sucks and it’s stupidest ai assisstent ever made.

  • Well, he did make the point that he was using Allo and that it was therefore the “Google Assistant that the vast majority of people are using.” That seems a fair point to me, since the Pixel is a brand new phone model, whereas Siri has been built into every iPhone made in the past five years.

    That said, I’d agree that Google Now has had its advantages over the years for some things — usually most things that involve answering questions or querying the web — but Siri does still seem to do quite well in most other ways, including calculations and conversions, making notes and adding things to lists, sending messages and placing calls, and so forth.

  • I don’t disagree that the Pixel XL assistant does a much better job, but I don’t think that’s a fair comparison either — it will show what Google Assistant may ultimately be capable of, but considering that only users who buy Google’s latest flagship phone can get those benefits, it’s slightly disingenuous for all of those users looking at it as a comparison between two platforms rather than two devices.

  • FragilityG4

    I can make calls, change music and send text messages (via voice) on Siri with the screen locked. The only thing I can’t is navigation. Having said that I always have my navi ready before leaving and if I have to make adjustments, Touch ID takes one second and then I press Siri. The argument is invalid.

  • Salinger

    When I tell Siri to play a song stored on my phone, it tells me “you’ll have to unlock your iPhone first”.

  • Salinger

    Oh, I see the “Apple can do no wrong and Google is evil” brigade is out in full force on this one. See ya’ 🙂

  • Strange, as that’s definitely not the case for me — I ask Siri to play music from my iPhone quite regularly… sometimes even from across the room with “Hey Siri.”

    I assume you’ve checked that the “Access when Locked” setting is enabled under Settings, Siri? If that’s off then you’ll need to unlock your iPhone to do pretty much anything with Siri. Otherwise Siri only requires that you unlock your iPhone when accessing certain more obviously secure things like email messages and HomeKit door locks.

  • FragilityG4

    As opposed to the “Google can do no wrong and Apple is evil” brigade on your own fAndroid sites? Happy trolling! Hahaha

  • Salinger

    “My fandroid sites”? Yeah, I guess I’m a huge “fandroid”. After all, I only have an iPhone 7+, an iPad Pro, an Apple TV 4th gen, a MacBook Air, an iMac and an old 5th gen iPod touch. If you paid any attention to my posts at all, you’d know I’m an Apple user and no troll. But, thanks for proving my point.

  • jay

    just use “hey siri” open snapchat.

  • jay

    there are a lot things you can do hands free

  • FragilityG4

    I’m sorry why should I pay attention to your posts? I only read one post that reads like a fAndroid and if you are not and are in fact a Mac Fanatic then congratulations.

  • Salinger

    Because you and I had a long discussion on the merits (or lack thereof) on the removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 not very long ago on this forum. I guess I don’t make the impression I think I do. LOL

    And that’s just it, I’m not a Mac Fanatic. I’m a Mac/Apple user and, for the most part, love Apple products. But I’m not a brainless sheep who can’t be critical of Apple when it’s deserved. I have no problem with someone enjoying Apple products and singing their praises, I do it myself. But when those same people continue to defend and praise Apple even through obvious missteps, their opinions become irrelevant. Kind of like the glowing reviews you see on Amazon because a manufacturer gave them a free product.

  • FragilityG4

    Yes, there are a lot of things you can do handsfree with Siri.

  • True, and like most things I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. I’ve always been very happy with what Siri can do for the purposes that I use it for, and while it’s obviously got its missteps, I’m not sure all of the praise being heaped on Google right now is entirely deserved either, so it’s fair that the pendulum swings the other way, but I think it’s important to keep some perspective in both directions….. Apple has a five-year head start here, and while some may suggest that it’s disappointing that they haven’t done more with it in that time, it’s also fair to say that companies like Google and Amazon have been building on Siri’s shoulders.

    This is not dissimilar to Maps…. Apple got a lot of very well-deserved criticism when Apple Maps came out, but Google had a HUGE lead in that space, and it’s also fair to say that Apple was learning from its own mistakes and Google’s missteps from years earlier…… I don’t even want to think about what Apple Maps would have been like if Google Maps hadn’t already gone there first.

  • FragilityG4

    Seldom do I look at the names of those I discuss with. An absolutely, admittedly terrible habit. For this I apologize. I have not used Google Assistant to any large degree, however I have not been blown away by its capabilities. Having said that I think it’s been made trendy to say that “Siri sucks” and I completely disagree. For what I need Siri to do she is more than capable. Is there room for growth? Absolutely but that’s progression and the same can be said for Google Assistant. I’m a fanboy but a realist at the same time. I have no problem disagreeing with moves the company makes. I.e. Not helping the FBI on a matter because of “privacy” but than willfully give up user information to catch pirates because they have a vested interest music. Or making the new MacBooks with only USB C ports. Or having the older MacBooks with retina only available with SSD’s when the capacity was too little for me but too damn expensive to upgrade. I try to look at everything with logic. Admittedly sometimes my bias gets in the way.

  • ArturI

    The title of this article is literally digging, as it is misleading. Since the comparison is between Google Allo and Siri, so should be the title of the article. Also, it is based on one video with 20k views (goes to credibility and reliability). A quick Google search reveals 3 credible sources (BGR, CNET, Business Insider) that give a slight edge to Google Assistant.