US’s $20-A-Month Sling TV Dish Service Coming to Canada?



According to a report by the Financial Post, Dish’s US $20-a-month Sling TV platform may soon be available in Canada, a service dubbed by many as the future of how we watch television today. One of Dish’s biggest draws is the ability to watch live sports via the platform’s various ESPN channels. Sports, as well as most live events, are often an issue for “cord cutters”, a term used for those individuals who have never subscribed to traditional cable TV, given how difficult it is to find reliable online streams of live events.

At launch, Sling TV currently features ESPN, ESPN 2, WatchESPN, Travel Channel, Cartoon Network, Galavision, Disney Channel, Food Network, TBS, Adult Swim, TNT, ABC Family and HGTV. AMC, the television network behind popular The Walking Dead series, which also carries IFC, SundanceTV and WE TV, will also be added to Sling TV’s base package in the near future.

An extra US $5-a-month package called “News & Info Extra,” brings HLN, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Bloomberg and Kids Extra. The service offers an additional US $5-a-month sports plan, which adds SEC Network, ESPNEWS,ESPNU, Universal Sports, Univision Deportes, beIN sports, ESPN Buzzer Beater, EPSN Bases Loaded and ESPN goal Line.

Canadian services like Rogers and Shaw’s shomi, as well as Bell Media’s CraveTV, are also sometimes referred to as “a step in the right direction” for Internet-based TV. However, shomi requires users to have a Rogers or Shaw internet/cable connection, and CraveTV only allows subscribers with a pre-existing Bell TV subscription to use the platform, meaning the cord cutters in Canada are currently unable to subscribe to either shomi or CraveTV.

In addition, Sling TV is also available on a variety of platforms, unlike shomi and CraveTV, and can be enjoyed on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Xbox, Amazon Fire and Roku players.

If you’d like to try the Sling TV service in Canada, you can access the free trial through a VPN or DNS service.

(Thanks Prashanna for the tip!)


  • blah

    But how can you subscribe to Sling TV without a US credit card?

  • Andrew F

    that is the same problem I am running into now. I am trying to use a friends card in the USA.

  • mozbius


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    The Amazon CloudFront distribution is configured to block access from your country.

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  • Jon

    You can use hotspot shield. It works great !

  • Jon

    I’m going to check out rabbit tv too ! Hotspot shield will work for both

  • Rose

    Rabbit tv plus is 20 dollars for 3 years this along with Sling TV will make me very happy !

  • JCMoney

    You can also use Prepaid Vanilla Mastercard, and just register it with a USA Zip Code.

  • 8675309

    Theres also entropay has worked well for Hulu+

  • 8675309

    Really thats odd most services have blocked hss right out of the box

  • Jayson

    I don’t get 1 thing, Dish TV subscription then a SlingTV subscription just to view DISH online streams sound double dipping to me. I call Shinanigans.

  • JoeW

    This is I believe a one time deal for a vanilla MasterCard, every time you need to pay you need to buy a new one. Is that correct?

  • JCMoney

    You are correct. I have now just been using my Canadian credit card with an american address, without any problems

  • JoeW

    JC, you are correct. I just did the same thing and signed up with my Canadian MasterCard. The only problem is that none of the TV stations are working (when selected the system comes back with ‘error’ – i sent them and email outlining the issue), the only station which works is A&E. This kind of tells me that they may have a server problem. Did you have any issues like that? Otherwise I like the GUI, the channel selection and the monthly dues.

  • MikamiFan92

    Well, the sooner it’s brought over here the better. Not having Table Flip episodes available to me is getting pretty annoying to say the least. Too bad the rest of the world is still being left out.

  • gabi

    so does this use your GB by streaming? We have Shaw direct satellite TV, and Xplornet for our internet provider, which only gives us 200 GB a month, and we have usually a TV running, and or internet of the most times in our home with 3 boys and us included, what my concern is will it be enough with 200 GB if it does use up the GB monthly. If this makes a difference we live in Canada.