Smart Speaker Test Finds Apple’s HomePod with Siri in Last Place


While Apple’s HomePod is supposedly the “best sounding” smart speaker on the market, its underlying AI assistant, Siri, failed dramatically in a test against Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.

Loop Ventures’ Gene Munster put the HomePod to a test with 782 different queries. While Siri actually understood 99.4 percent of them, it was only able to answer 52.3 percent of them correctly. In comparison, response correctness was a lot higher among its competitors with 81 percent for Google, 64 percent for Alexa and 57 percent for Cortana.

Siri did come out on top in a few categories like “Local,” however it still failed due to a number of functions not being available on the HomePod.

Munster argues that Apple will probably improve the HomePod’s options over time, making it “vastly more useful and integrated with your other Apple devices.”

The Loup Ventures analysis is in line with early reviews of the HomePod, which have typically pegged Siri as the weakest link. Apple has directed its marketing focus to sound quality, emphasizing technologies like computational audio, beamforming, and the use of seven separate tweeters to create a room-filling sound.

Loup Ventures is forecasting sales of 7 million HomePods in 2018, boosting Apple’s revenue and earnings by 1 percent.


  • Flash

    Funny how home automation doesn’t seem to be one of the categoriea, cause Alexa would be last on that as she only knows exact commands…

  • Chrome262

    Or speaker sound quality. While software can improve hardware, without new purchase, can’t

  • Android Bot

    This report overrated Siri. It should be a couple of spots lower. It’s that stipid.

    And future software updates will only cripple it and make it worse. Just like iPhone software updates screwed up and crippled iPhones that were only 1 or 2 years old. Also like Mac OS X updates did to macs that were not brand brand new.

    HomePod is just the next flop.

  • Got Game? Get Game! ???

    The fact that Siri can’t tell me how to hide a dead hooker when asked, that’s already a deal breaker for me. I really don’t need my music coming from compact hi fidelity speakers while using super simple and accurate voice activated controls… Thats just dumb.

  • Riley Freeman

    not surprised by this. Apple has let everyone catch up and surpass them in this area. i Dont even hear them talk about Siri. I dont even know the last time i used Siri and i have Iphone X, Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4 and even an iphone 6 as my work phone along with ipad air 2.

  • pvr4me

    Gene Munster. Enough said.