Snapseed is Currently Free as Part of Starbucks’ App Pick of the Week


Earlier we first reported Starbucks Canada had started the inclusion of App Store promo codes as part of their ‘Pick of the Week’, something that was previously exclusive to our neighbours in the U.S. Last week it was Scrabble, and now this week the incredible photo editor Snapseed is up for grabs ($4.99 value).

Customers just need to look for the following display at their local Starbucks to grab a free card–the promo code is located on the back. Click here to learn how to redeem a promo code from your iPhone.

We previously reviewed Snapseed as noted in the following epic video tutorial posted by our very own Kris Meador:

Thanks to @YVRBCbro for the pic!


  • Yamadorishitate

    Didn’t have them here in Campbell River. Not sure what’s up with that.

  • Weebsurfer

    Really? Finally have App of the Week in Canada???

  •  if you would like one follow me on twitter and I’ll send u a code to get a copy for yourself

  • Erin

    Chris – thanks for the demonstration!! Just dl’ed it today to my phone. Appreciate the great tips!

  • Nancy

    Hey Sean, I tried to look for it in several Starbucks as well and they didn’t have them either. Would you be able to send me one as well if I follow you on Twitter?
    (I tried to follow you but it kept redirecting me to @404 on Twitter instead for some reason)