‘Socialmatic’ Instagram Camera Concept Becomes Reality, Coming in 2014 for $299


socialmatic camera.jpg

Last spring we reported on a cool concept from ADR Studios, the Socialmatic camera, which was a Polaroid camera meant to print your Instagram pictures instantly. Started as just a concept, the idea has now turned into a reality and an actual camera which will be powered by Android OS is scheduled to be available in 2014 for the price of $299. The full specs of the camera are listed below:

  • 14Mpx Frontal Camera
  • 2Mpx Rear Camera
  • LED
  • 4.3” Touchscreen
  • 4GB Internal Storage
  • Stereo
  • GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Frontal LCD with Mood Assistant A.I.
  • Socialmatic Instant Filters
  • Zink
    Instant Printer
  • Remote Printing
  • SD-HDC for External
  • Socialmatic Network

Socialmatic concept and are an Instagram junkie, this might be the camera you’ve been waiting for as you’ll be able to print your creations instantly. Of course, you probably will want to see how the camera works in real life first, but at this point in time all we know is it will launch in 2014 for $299. Great to see a concept come to real life! Would you be interested in buying this?


  • FragilityG4

    This will flop. Most camera companies are moving away from low end cameras because they can’t compeat with phones.

  • It’s definitely a niche product.

  • swirlie21

    I don’t think this will be a flop. Defintely a niche market, but Instagrammers are a pretty fanatic bunch – and this appears to be much more than just a point and print camera. Since it is Android powered and has external memory, the pictures it takes should be available for download as well. I think tis will be a nice little product.