Sonny Dickson Leaks Images of iPhone 6 Backplate, Says It’s a Real Prototype [PICS]


Prolific Australian Apple parts leaker Sonny Dickson is at again, this time leaking a couple new images of the purported iPhone 6 backplate.

The images were sent out via Twitter and basically show what we’ve seen before, but this time the leak shows more context based on previously leaked parts, such as the protruding camera ring and round True Tone flash, revealed yesterday.

Also, the new antenna bands appear to have a polished finish underneath, below what looks like plastic/rubber lining that has been partially removed.


Screenshot 2014 08 12 07 48 23

Dickson responded to one critic questioning the legitimacy of the part with “actually it’s a real prototype part,” and “just wait till it comes out and you will see I was right.”

This round True Tone part leaked yesterday seemingly suggests the current pill-shaped design found in the iPhone 5s is about to change:

Last year, Sonny Dickson leaked images of the gold iPhone 5S rear shell plus images of the space grey model, which proved to be indeed accurate.

Apple is set to announce its iPhone 6 at a media event on September 9, according to media sources.


  • einsteinbqat

    Those lines…

  • Tim

    Why would anyone doubt the legitimacy of this being the new phone? The same effin design has been leaked from 5 billion sources in the last three months with hardly any differences between them. This is the bloody phone…and it’s going to come with those ugly..ugly lines. But..people will start to like those lines. It’s sort of like when girls started wearing Mom jeans again. Initially it looked horrible, but people got used to it, and now it’s not so bad…even nice. In Apple’s capacity as a trend setting, celebrity of the electronics market, they could release aluminum cast dung, call it the iShit, and turn it into a multibillion dollar revenue line.

  • FragilityG4

    People don’t like the lines because they want something to complain about … It looks fine. If they didn’t put the lines in people would complain that it looks too much like the last one … At the end of the day people complain about everything … Look I’m complaining about the complainers.

  • iDung will be revolutionary.

  • Flash

    I honestly think that those lines are a pressure release point – the weak spot on the phones are generally when it’s dropped on the corners and ends. It looks like the thicker lines could be some sort of mechanical protection.

  • ????Dennis

    Fuck the lines… What about that brutal camera lens… If this is
    Legit, the phone is a disaster.