Sonos One Debuts Amazon’s Alexa in Canada for Voice Controls


Sonos released an update today to add Amazon’s Alexa to its Sonos One speaker, bringing voice control to the latter, as promised.

Canadians now join Sonos One users in the U.S., UK and Germany with access to Alexa, now gaining full voice control for streaming services including Amazon Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. For all other music services, Alexa on Sonos One will be able to pause, skip, volume up and down, and asking what’s currently playing. There is no Apple Music support for Alexa, as that is limited to Siri on HomePod.

Later this year, Sonos One will gain AirPlay 2 support and Google Assistant support, adding more value to the smart speaker.

“We are all about giving customers the freedom to choose the streaming services and voice assistants they want in their homes, and bringing Alexa to our entire home sound system in Canada is a big milestone for us” said Antoine Leblond, VP of Software at Sonos, in a press release issued to iPhone in Canada.

The Sonos One update for Alexa is now available. First, you need to update the Sonos app in the App Store. Once that’s complete, the app will inform you a system update is available to install.

IMG 2091

Once you’ve installed the system update, you’ll now see ‘Amazon Alexa’ under Voice Services. You will be required to connect your Amazon account, download the Alexa iOS app, then verify music services on Alexa. If you’re already signed into your Amazon iOS app, it’ll jump to the latter for you to grant permission for access. There are some steps involved but overall, it’s a seamless process.

With Alexa now installed on Sonos One, you’ll now see the microphone LED lit up, showing you the speaker is now ‘listening’.

IMG 2101

The Alexa iOS app will now display your Sonos One in its list of devices, allowing you to customize what you want to hear for weather, news, sports and more. In our initial tests, Alexa on Sonos One works well, thanks to the speaker’s six-mic array and adaptive noise suppression algorithm, which will also help distinguish Alexa voice profiles, which launched earlier this month.

Sonos One is available for $249 CAD on and we’ve been comparing it to Apple’s HomePod in our early tests of the latter (review coming). Users can easily setup a Sonos One stereo pair, for the price of one HomePod. Click here to read our Sonos One review.



    Alexa, turn on the lights. Alexa, play Chariots of Fire. Alexa, turn on the fan. Alexa, flush the toilet. Dammit Alexa, did you not order toilet paper?

    A day in the life of a millennial.

  • CMfly

    I knew it could order toilet paper but it can flush too?!

  • It can also turn your connected shower and faucets on. We are going to end up like the humans from Wall-E riding around in floating chairs with tiny unusable arms and legs because of Alexa.

  • CMfly

    I can’t wait!!

  • Duff

    This feature also works with Alexa Echo devices and all other Sonos speakers via wifi. You just need to have at least a amazon echo dot or higher devices and then setup the skills in the Alexa app for SONOS system. Then make sure both the Sonos app and Alexa app have the same music services and you can say commands like “Alexa, play music in the Living Room” or “any room associated with your Sonos system”.

    This is not just for the Sonos One speaker.

  • jbrown111

    I have an iPhone and have a huge music library, but I am not a subscriber to Apple Music. I want the voice control features and want to play music. Is this really the best choice? It sounds like I would be better off with an Echo or Google Home, because the Sonos has no Bluetooth to play music from my iPhone. The Apple HomePod has been getting terrible to middling reviews, so I don’t think it’s the right choice. Any thoughts on this?