Spigen Launches ‘AirPods Strap’ for $10, So You’ll Never Lose a Precious AirPod


Apple’s new AirPods won’t be available until later in October, but already there are mixed opinions on the new wireless headset. For starters, AirPods are not only seen as ‘expensive’ priced at $219 CAD ($159 USD), but the Internet fears everyone will eventually lose theirs somehow, since they are so tiny.

Which is why Spigen has unleashed their new AirPods Strap, priced at $10 USD, which latches onto each AirPod so they suddenly become neck-pods.

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Spigen says this little cable will allow you to keep your AirPods together or hang them up, to ensure they’re always by your side.

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The MSRP on Spigen’s AirPods Strap are $19.99, but right now they are on ‘sale’ for 50% off at $9.99 USD over at They do ship to Canada, but shipping comes in at a costly $14 USD. If you wait, they will most likely end up on

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You’re better off using some string and Scotch tape for a ghetto homemade solution instead, right? #dontjudgeme


  • steve81

    This is almost as dumb as an Apple Watch case…

  • swotam

    Thinking it wouldn’t hurt the collective voice of the Internet to wait until they’re actually available to the public before claiming that they either won’t stay in your ears, or fall out, or require a special strap, or get stuck in your ear canal when you put them in backwards, or make you look like a dork (etc.), therefore establishing proof that the apocalypse is upon us.

    But of course, that’s just me.

  • gerry

    I just find the AirPod is like putting a cigarette on your ear. That’s just me lol.

  • aaloo

    Doesn’t make sense. Why would you get this if you are going to put a strap between them. You could then just get the new beats earbuds, which also have the W1 chip, and come with 3 different sized bud tips and as well as the wing attachments. And costs less.

  • Geeta Dutt

    Thank you! I’m so sick of hearing how bad they are when we haven’t even seen them!!