Deal: Spigen iPhone 6/6s Case for 75% Off at $9.99 []


Spigen has launched another sale on their Slim Armour iPhone 6/6s cases, this time 75% off MSRP at $9.99 on, for cases in champagne gold and violet only.

These cases offer both bump and shock protection for your iPhone, while also includes a kickstand on the back, for those times when you need to watch videos (such as your lunch break!).

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These cases are fulfilled by so that means free shipping on orders over $25 and also Prime eligible.

If you missed out on an earlier sale at the beginning of the month when these cases were available for $4.99-$6.99, this is your second chance to jump on them, albeit for a few bucks more.

Click here to jump on the Spigen Slim Armour iPhone 6/6s case while they’re still in stock. The deal was posted on RFD so they won’t last long.


  • poopchute

    My God!
    That thing is hideous.
    It’s no wonder they are having trouble selling them.

  • AF

    I agree. the sound holes are not aligned and make your phone sound terrible. I picked this up at 4.99. However, I did contact spigen and they sent me a free replacement for the TPU which now align with the speaker holes so was pretty happy with their customer care. I’d say buy it and then raise an issue with them to change your TPU.

  • Rick Jeans

    having trouble selling them? There are none available for Canada. This blog needs to check their review better before posting

  • Actually, as we specifically mentioned in the post itself, the $9.99 price is ONLY for champagne gold and violet. You need to click those colours to see the sale pricing, which still applies (we just confirmed).

  • Glad they offered you a replacement. Amazon’s return policy is pretty rock solid too though.

  • Rick Jeans

    sorry for not reading closely, I see that now