Spotify: “Hello 70 Million Subscribers”


Spotify announced today on Twitter it has reached 70 million paid subscribers on the streaming music service. The company first tweeted at 11:46AM PST, which was then deleted, only to be again tweeted nearly an hour later:

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Last summer, Spotify announced it had passed 140 million active monthly users, worldwide, which includes its ad-sponsored free tier.

Spotify has a huge lead over Apple Music, which has “well over” 30 million subscribers, according to executive Jimmy Iovine, from last September.

Yesterday, it was reported Spotify is currently being sued for $1.6 billion USD by Wixen Music Publishing, alleging copyright infringement over the streaming of unlicensed songs.

According to Axios, Spotify has filed for its IPO secretly with the SEC last month, in what could be a listing set for Q1.


  • Riddlemethis

    I listen to Pandora myself with a VPN.

  • Mark Holoubek

    Considering you can get Apple Music for CDN$99/year and iTunes cards readily for 20% off, decision is easy. Now if there was only a cheap (ie. free) way to convert Spotify playlists to Apple Music…

  • Salinger

    The decision is easy for me too, but for Spotify. As long as Apple Music continues to require a download of the horrific iTunes for listening on a computer, I’ll be a loyal Spotify subscriber. I can listen to Spotify, literally, anywhere I have an internet connection, including my secured computer at work, or on a friend’s desktop or laptop. Apple Music is a no-go because I can’t d/l anything onto my work machine. No discount is worth not being able to listen to your music anywhere you want.

    It’s unfathomable to me that in 2018, Apple still can’t, or more correctly won’t, let go of its archaic iTunes software.