Spotify Canada Promo: 3 Months of Premium for 99 Cents


Spotify has launched a promo for its Premium tier in Canada, offering three months of access for just $0.99 CAD, and after users will be charged the regular rate of $9.99 per month.

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The fine print says “Offer not available to users who already tried Premium or to users in Quebec.” This includes those who have tried previous trial offers from Spotify.

Premium Spotify users get to download music for offline listening, an ad-free experience, plus unlimited skips.

Spotify says this deal cannot be paid for with prepaid cards or Spotify gift cards. The promotion ends June 26, 2017.

If you’ve never tried Spotify Premium before, three months of access for $0.99 is a pretty good deal.


  • Terry

    Interesting… I received an email to get Premium for $9.99 for three months…

  • Karine Lafontaine

    Why not in Quebec?? Seriously…

  • MrBidwell

    Mostly because Quebec has a bunch of extra rules and requirements that makes offers like this more difficult to release.

  • Dominic

    common law vs. droit civil

  • Tim

    I already have an ad-free experience and unlimited skips on Spotify without paying for it.

  • Joe

    That’s still good deal

  • Lucien Marry

    How? Please email me n tell me lol

  • Tim

    apkmb dot com/spotify-music-premium/