Spotify Officially Launches in Canada with Over 20 Million Songs


Spotify has officially announced its launch in Canada, as the music service no longer requires an invite for those wishing to try it. Canada’s launch marks the 58th country that now has the music service.

The streaming music service charges $10 per month for premium access to a library of over 20 million songs, plus it says a vast Quebecois collection is also included, part of its extensive Canadian music catalogue as well. Music is streamed at 320kbps and there is also a fully licensed free tier as well. Songs can also be saved for offline playback as well, but you must go back ‘online’ every 30 days to ensure your subscription stays live.

Spotify ios

Spotify has some competition in Canada already, with similar streaming services from Rdio, Deezer and Songza already available here.

As for Apple’s iTunes Radio service? That’s been sporadically popping up on some iOS devices, but the launch here still seems a distant future away.

Click here to download Spotify for iOS. Let us know how you’re liking Spotify so far. What’s your music streaming service of choice here?


  • TheLostVancouverite

    Great that they launched; wish they’d hurry up and fix the streaming cache and inability to easily clear the cached without deleting/reinstalling the app issue…

  • Mike LaPlante

    I have been loving Spotify. It has changed the way I listen to music and to the way that I view music in general.

  • Salinger

    I’ve been using Google Play Music All Access since it launched in Canada earlier this year. The mouthful name aside, it’s an awesome service.

    First off, I pay only $7.99, tax included (equivalent of ~$7+tax), it has millions of songs, and I uploaded all my own music for free to Google (and it auto-loads any new purchases) so that not only do I have access to everything Google Play offers, but also my own music which may or may not be there, all in one place.

    I’m a big music lover and am always open to new music services. But in order for me to switch from Google, an offering would have to be demonstrably better or cheaper. While definitely a good service, Spotify is neither of those things.

  • CanadianBoy

    Question… does Spotify or any other streaming music service in Canada have to abide by Can-Con rules? Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of Canadian music but a lot I don’t… and having to listen to a certain percent an hour sucks.

  • Wall Man

    It’s probably on the FAQ page, but doesn’t streaming services like this just eat up your data? Or can you download a playlist or an album, or combination to listen later? Could you DL an hour or two of programming over WiFi and listen on your commute to work?

  • Crosseyedmofo

    its not in the faq, first line second paragraph

    “The streaming music service charges”


  • Wall Man

    Just checked the Spotify page and the premium paid account says:
    Play any song, anywhere
    Download music & listen offline in high-quality audio
    No ad interruptions & no commitment.
    The free model looks to just be streaming only.

  • Salinger

    I’m not sure what amount of Can-con they have to “offer” but paid streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music, Rdio etc, all allow you to pick the songs/albums you want to listen to. It’s like having millions of songs loaded on your iPhone/iPod. You choose what you want to listen to.

    It’s different from free services like iTunes Radio or Pandora where you pick an artist or genre and then it auto-plays songs based on that. Though, there is a radio option to them if you choose that.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    oh wow allright

  • hub2

    Sure, but regular quality streaming is less than 1 MB / min (about 23 MB for 30 mins when I tried it on LTE earlier). On a 1 GB/mo plan that’s over 20 hours of streaming. I personally don’t listen to that much music so it’ll never be an issue for me.