Square iPhone Credit Card Payment System Demo [Video]


The iPhone is capable of many things, thanks to the amazing App Store. Here’s something that we can expect to see in the future–accepting credit card payments with the iPhone! The demo you’ll see below the Square iPhone Payment System (prototype) as demonstrated by Mr. Digg himself, Kevin Rose.

How it works is a dongle plugs into the iPhone’s mic port, which will let you swipe a credit card for processing (can you spot the digits of Kevin’s credit card?). The entire process is fully automated after that down to the finest detail, including the ability to email receipts (with description, picture, and location of purchase all embedded). What’s cool is you just sign your signature right on the iPhone’s screen with your finger. Neato.

This system makes it easy for small businesses (hot dog vendors in Vancouver come to mind) and fellow craft fair enthusiasts to accept credit card payments for those people who don’t carry cash. Definitely an innovative idea that takes advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities.

What do you think? Hot or Not?


  • Dusty

    Next thing you know on the news… Fraudulent of millions of visa, etc. over the use of iPhone apps lol Well at least I can see people attempting to come up with a way to store, take, information of people.

    Cool concept though and signatures, emails. Nice features.

  • TeenWolf

    This is sweet as hell. As an electrician I do alot of side jobs. It would be cool to be able to accept CC'S and not just cash or cheque.

  • djepsilon

    This is a small business owners dream come true! We're definitely on our way to completely eliminating the old fashioned dollar bill… err… loonie.

  • kilimats

    but the real question, how much will i get charged by square or my credit card company for doing this kind of transaction ?

  • Flaxx

    Depends on if you're a small business or merchant. But it's roughly around $0.60 + 2.5%. I love this concept though and have been wondering when someone would finally implement it (actually my idea was registering BT + UID + pin to make payments at stores).

  • Yeah, no doubt! The possibilities are endless really. Wireless Debit/CC terminals are going the way of the iPhone.

  • rorypiper

    Very cool. I wish I had a use for this.

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  • Eliksir

    I am an iPhone user in Canada, and when I tried dowloading this App from my iTunes Store, it told me it wasnt available in the Canadian Store…. What gives?

  • julie whitlock

    you have to be physically located in the US to use it

  • julie whitlock

    you have to be physically located in the US to use it

  • colibriink

    Very cool. I would love to be able to use this. After a half hour of research, though, I realized that I can’t. It’s not available in Canada, only in the 50 contiguous states. Too bad Gary didn’t mention that. Odd, seeing as this site is called ‘iphoneinCANADA’.

  • Glad you managed to read between the lines on your own.

  • colibriink

    Read between the lines? Had I actually done that, I still could not have figured out that this app is not available in Canada, seeing as mentioning “hotdog vendors in Canada” as a potential user/market was a little misleading.

    Availability in Canada is an important piece of information. Wasting 30 minutes of my time figuring that out, when it could easily have been mentioned in the article, is frustrating. And for me it means that this site won’t be as useful as I hoped it would be.

  • Guest

    when in canada ? when in canada ?

  • guest

    When will this app be available in Canada?

  • Chris

    Stumbled upon this site while looking for a Canadian solution for iPhone credit card processing. Thought your site looked useful so I signed up for your newsletter. Then I started reading the comments here and saw this one from you responding to a reader who appropriately commented on the fact that your iPhone in Canada website’s article didn’t exactly make it clear that this iPhone app was not available in Canada, “Glad you managed to read between the lines on your own.”
    Time to unsubscribe from your newsletter. Anyone who treats his readers like that is not someone I need to be getting emails from.

  • Ex


    Why waste your time posting that comment? Quickly unsubscribe and move on with your day.

  • gordunramsie

    Are you done crying yet, you big BABY! You are the type that probably was picked on in school, and went crying to mom and dad everynight. Welcome to the internet, DONKEY!

    WAKE UP!

  • Benevolentwarrior

    Hello? “Why” is this not available in Canada, yet? Are we a thirdworld country or something?

  • Anonymous

    There are options. Pm me and let’s talk turkey. I have some options for you. Including processing credit cards as if your iPhone were a mobile POS machine. I can at least point you in the right direction.

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  • Come on….  this irritates me to no end……  NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA????     Good grief people!

  • Come on….  this irritates me to no end……  NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA????     Good grief people!

  • Come on….  this irritates me to no end……  NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA????     Good grief people!

  • Hey Brodie! 
    Can you message me some alternative options as you mention?       

  • Hey Brodie! 
    Can you message me some alternative options as you mention?       

  • Hi there, … can you post the options.. I’m looking for some and having a hard time figuring out which one to use

  • World User

    I agree if are dishonest about Canadian support I too would not want to subscribe. Or have any dealings with the company.