Staples Coupons: $50 Off Any iPad; $75 Off Any Mac, April 1-2 Only [u]


Want to save right off the bat on your new 9.7-inch iPad Pro purchase? Head to Staples, as they are offering a $50 off coupon on any tablet over $299, which also includes Apple’s latest iPad Pro, as seen below (thanks Mike!):

Screenshot 2016 04 01 10 12 27

There’s also a $75 off coupon for any computer over $599, which you can apply to Macs sold at Staples.

The coupons can be used online (easiest), in-store or via the phone. They are not one-time use codes (thanks for confirming @XJin0120) but must be used on the sale dates of April 1 or April 2 only:

  • $50 off tablets of $299 or more: 9996796059129155
  • $75 off laptop/desktops of $599 or more: 9998296059129154

Screenshot 2016 04 01 10 41 10

Screenshot 2016 04 01 10 41 21

I didn’t try stacking the 10% off newsletter sign-up coupon, so let us know if that works for you too. Be sure to read our first impressions of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and and iPhone SE here.

Update: It appears the code is a one-time use–apologies to all, this was not an April Fool’s Day joke!


  • Ashley Mann

    I joined Staples but theres no 10% newsletter comp. Do you have a link to it?

  • Usually it’s a pop-up on the site, try an incognito window while signed out

  • Gary Bowen

    Sometimes this means you can show the reduced Staples price to an Apple Store, or even Best Buy, and they will price match Staples. Not sure if this applies here.

  • Definitely worth a shot, may be a YMMV scenario since a coupon is involved

  • Ben

    said that it was already claimed.

  • Vic Kao

    I only see $10 off for purchase of $100 or more though

  • Ben

    I feel like I may have been had by an April fools day joke….

  • vic

    nope seems like it was a one time use only

  • Teree Hokanson

    When I joined in February, it was $10 off your next purchase of $100 or more with a short expiry date. I never even got to use mine before it expired

  • Faenix1

    Where was this gotten from?

    My mother apparently bought a laptop from staples earlier today for $604. Wonder if I can some how get her an additional $75 off after purchase.

  • An IIC reader emailed us the coupons

  • Faenix1

    Alright, thanks. Heard about a $75 coupon elsewhere and this was the only thing I found when I googled. Was kind of hoping I could find it’s location.

    Worth a try though.