Starbucks ‘Mobile Order & Pay’ Coming to Canada in October


Starbucks has announced today it has launched Mobile Order & Pay for iOS users nationwide in the U.S. at 7,400 locations, after successful launches in select cities. The feature allows iOS users to pre-order and pay for beverages or food right on their iPhone, bypassing lines at stores, as all you have to do is pick up your items at the counter.

Adam Brotman, Starbucks chief digital officer, said “Bringing Mobile Order and Pay to our customers is about meeting their needs of convenience and customization at any time of the day.” He also said this is “the fastest technology application rollout we have ever done,” and believes their digital ecosystem can have a change on the future of retail.

As for Canada, Starbucks says they plan to bring it here in Canada “in select company owned stores”, as part of an international rollout which includes the UK, starting in October.

The company earlier this year teased it would bring the order ahead feature to Canada in 2015, plus possibly introduce a delivery service for downtown Toronto and other major cities. So this October, get ready to skip those long morning lines at Starbucks for your venti-sized orange-mocha-frappuccino.

Update: a brief FAQ of the service can be found here over at the Toronto Star.


  • Kevin

    I love how Starbucks is always ahead of the curve! I support any company who is willing to innovate

  • Their mobile payment setup is so far ahead of other apps. Knowing I can make purchases when I only have iPhone is so cool, and even being that Apple Watch guy too.

  • KIII

    Any glimpse of Apple Pay Canada rumours lately?

  • All quiet on the western front, if anything is coming, mainstream media will sniff it out.