Starbucks Promo: Send $5 Gift with iMessage and Apple Pay, Get $5 Free


Last week, Starbucks updated their iOS app to introduce sending gift cards via iMessage and Apple Pay. Now, there is a promotion to help spread the message about this feature, offering customers $5 free when they gift $5 using iMessage and Apple Pay.

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The promo started on April 6 and goes until April 19 11:59 PST, or until all 5,000 promotional gifts have been distributed. The offer is only open to those in Canada with an Apple Pay account, plus have downloaded the Starbucks Gifts for iMessage app with an iPhone 5s or newer, and are on iOS 10.2.1 or higher.

Here’s how to get your $5 gift according to Starbucks:

  • First, download the Starbucks Gifts for iMessage App on your iPhone 5S or above. You must be using iOS 10.2.1 or above to download the app.
  • Second, ensure Apple Pay is set up on your phone. If you don’t already have Apple Pay set up, you will be prompted to do so.
  • Follow the prompts to select and complete the purchase of a $5 or more Starbucks eGift Card using the app and send the eGift via iMessage

Here’s our tutorial on how to send a Starbucks iMessage Gift.

IMG 1765

I just tested this by sending a $5 card to my wife (#browniepoints), and shortly afterwards we received the bonus $5 Starbucks gift card via email. So it appears there are still lots of these $5 bonus gifts available. When you click ‘redeem your gift’ in the email, it’ll ask to launch the Starbucks iOS app, which you can then add the card to the app.

Starbucks gift promo

Let us know if this works for you!


  • Spiridus

    It is 8:15 pm & still works

  • Erik

    Just did it…and got the $5 email right away. Nice! 🙂

  • JB

    Does the recipient need Apple Pay?

  • Fred Goertzen

    Me too, got the $5 card.
    I didn’t see a prompt to add Apple Pay, but that info is here:

  • JB

    They don’t. Works!

  • Dehop

    Still works as of 10:30pm ET

  • MrBambinoDent

    Sent myself a gift card and now I can’t use it 🙁

  • MrBambinoDent

    Got the other $5 in the email though!

  • Ex

    Love it.

  • He’s alive!

  • Ex

    Always lurking.
    I see others have confirmed so April 10 8PM PST still working.

  • Chzplz

    Worked as of 05:30 am on apr 11

  • Butch Bouchard

    Sent one to myself, received the 5$ 10 seconds after. Thanks!

  • David Vandervelde

    I wonder if you can do more than one?

  • Jonathan

    Worked great – Tuesday 08:40 EST

  • OliChabot

    Yes, can someone confirm?

  • Dehop

    Thought about it myself, but then looked at the terms. “Qualifying customers will receive the Promotional Gift via email to the email address associated with their Apple Pay account”

    So the short answer is… yes, if you’re willing to go through the hassle of changing your Apple Pay (Apple ID?) email, login under a different Starbucks account, and maybe use a different credit card in your Apple Pay.

    That’s *if* their dev team thought to check against all these things

  • Kev

    Just did it 4:15pm PST and no email from Starbucks …

  • Sadly, couldn’t get it to work for me… Although I can reload my Starbucks card using Apple Pay without any problems, when I try to send a gift through the iMessage app using the same card and other information, I consistently get an error: “We’re unable to process payment with the information given. Please check your selected payment method and try again.”

  • Starbucks has updated the first paragraph in the link above to note that the offer is now sold out:

    Now you can send Starbucks Gifts with iMessage with Apple Pay. Be one of the first to send a $5 or more Starbucks Gift via iMessage and receive a $5 Starbucks Gift for yourself – while supplies last. (This offer is sold out)

  • It’s also interesting that they include the iPhone 5s as the minimum, as that one doesn’t support Apple Pay in any way (no Secure Enclave).

  • Bill___A

    It charged my credit card, gave me a receipt and then wouldn’t give me the card to send. The company that does their support in my opinion, is terrible.