Steve Ballmer to be Part of 2010 WWDC Keynote?!


**This rumour has been squashed! Microsoft confirmed via twitter this is NOT true**

Apple’s 2010 WWDC is scheduled to kick off on June 7th with Steve Jobs running the show. It is widely expected that Apple will debut its next iPhone 4G/HD to the world. We’ve seen the Gizmodo leak of the next iPhone and rumours of a backup iPhone. Just what tricks will Apple have up their sleeves? How about…Steve Ballmer! Say what?!

Steve Ballmer to Present at WWDC?

Here’s a very interesting rumour from Barron’s:

Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with tiny Global Equities Research, contends that 7 minutes of the June 7 keynote by Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been blocked off for a presentation by Microsoft (MSFT) to talk about Visual Studio 2010, the company’s suite of development tools. Chowdhry says the new version of VS will allow developers to write native applications for the iPhone, iPad and Mac OS. And here’s the kicker: he thinks Microsoft’s presentation could be given by none other than Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. (Or if not, at least Bob Muglia, who runs Microsoft’s server and tools business.)

Now, why would Apple even consider using Steve Ballmer on stage during the WWDC? This could be an interesting response to Google’s latest attack on Apple. Could the Microsoft/Apple relationship be secretly fostering in the background (BTW: Apple is now worth more than Microsoft)? We have heard rumours of Bing becoming the default search engine on mobile Safari. If this was the case, it would be a blow to Google. There are currently over 50 million iPhones and iPod Touches. Just imagine all the searches that take place on Google.

I do have a hunch that Steve Ballmer will not present because of his previous comments about the iPhone in 2007. In case you’ve forgotten, watch the video below:

What do you think? Will Microsoft be playing a larger role within the development of iPhone OS apps?

[Barron’s via Daring Fireball]


  • Joker Eh

    Well I am running VS2010 and I haven't notice any support for iPhone dev. I will take a deeper look and see that woudl be very interesting if it did.

  • lxlim

    That's because it's not announce/release yet! D'uh!

  • Xaroc

    I think it would be great if Apple and Microsoft settled their differences, and made key appearances on both side of the table. I love apple, Macs, iphones. But i also know windows has a couple good features as well. to see the two large companies offering a hand to each other now and again would probably bring a good light upon both of them.

    im not saying partner up, just saying go in to marketing as brothers.

  • mackman6151

    I love Google, and i won't be too happy if they made Bing the default search engine. If they did I'd await for a jailbreak extension that switches native search (either that or just simply make Google my homepage as usual :P)

    also, i dont think it would be a major blow to Google, they make alot of their money on Google Adwords, and the iPhone's browser doesnt support those ad related hits within searches……

  • djepsilon

    What's the saying? Your enemies enemy is your friend? Both companies have one goal – take down Google. I think this would be a great move for both companies towards making Google their bitch.

    If this report is true, it's definitely a win/win scenario for both MS and Apple. Very interested to see what happens…

  • Lee

    Maybe MS Office for iPhone iPad?

  • So Microsoft's official twitter account said Steve is *not* going to be attending WWDC:

  • cac

    This afternoon Microsoft released a press release stating in no uncertain terms that Ballmer will not be appearing at WWDC. See

    Yet again a rumour masquerading as news on this site. I'm getting kind of tired of 3/4 of the articles being purely speculation and repetition of rumours posted on other sites. Please at least do a bit of vetting of content before publishing it as “news”.

  • Rumour was squashed with updated link above. Feel free to not read if
    you're not happy here. But we appreciate the feedback.

  • Rumour was squashed with updated link above. Feel free to not read if
    you're not happy here. But we appreciate the feedback.