[Update] Steve Jobs at Dinner with President Obama


Update 1: Here’s what Obama talked about with Jobs and everyone else (via WSJ):

“The president specifically discussed his proposals to invest in research and development and expand incentives for companies to grow and hire,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to reporters traveling with the president.

To follow up on the story about Steve Jobs meeting up with tech titans and President Obama at dinner, pictures of the evening have appeared online. Looks like an intimate gathering with the President to talk business. Steve Ballmer didn’t get invited.

I wonder how many times iPhone and iPad were mentioned during the evening. Mark Zuckerberg sure looks out of place–by about 25 years. Too bad he’s going to take over the world one day.

[TNW via flickr]


  • Auto Strada

    man, does jobs have another coloured shirt other than black?

  • It’s hard for me to look at that picture and not imagine them all sitting on one side of the table with Obama in the centre flanked by Jobs and Zuckerberg and the rest, Last Supper-style.

  • William

    I wonder how they determine who sits where…ha.ha.

  • dank

    haha i was just thinking the same thing

  • Auto Strada

    who’s Judas then?

  • DonCBT

    Rumour has it that a white one exists, but have been problems with it.

  • Xx


  • funny how Mark Zuckerberg has more influence then Obama.
    Obama better watch out, Mark Zuckerberg could have him killed. lol

  • Steve Ballmer. Obama learnt from history, so he didnt invite him lol

  • Steve Ballmer. Obama learnt from history, so he didnt invite him lol

  • Tcrowns

    Einstein keep a closet full of the same outfits, his reasoning was that he didn’t what to waste time thinking about what to wear and rather devote that time to more pressing matters.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else sick of hearing about Zuckerberg??

    seriously, he made facebook, thats it. It does not equate being a ‘genius’. He came up with a modified myspace and sold it to college kids, and like all things college kids are into, it caught on with high school kids….

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