Steve Jobs: No iPhone 4 Delay for Canada


The iPhone 4 launch was a massive hit in the USA and worldwide (600,000 pre-orders on one day). There are iPhone 4 shortages and delays and rumours of a pushed back Canadian iPhone 4 launch. Well, any rumour of a delay has been crushed thanks to an email response from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs: There is No iPhone 4 Delay for Canada

An reader Luke sent the following email to Steve Jobs–and got a response. He asked if the iPhone 4 launch in Canada would be pushed back to August due to high demand in the US.

Attached is a screenshot below and email headers:

Received: from ( [])
by (Internet Inbound) with ESMTP id D3AC638000090
for ; Sat, 26 Jun 2010 19:38:48 -0400 (EDT)
Received: from ( [])
by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 7A1799A296AD
for ; Sat, 26 Jun 2010 16:38:47 -0700 (PDT)
X-AuditID: 11807137-b7b43ae000004f8e-f3-4c268f8760e7
Received: from ( [])
by (Apple SCV relay) with SMTP id F2.8E.20366.78F862C4; Sat, 26 Jun 2010 16:38:47 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2010 16:38:46 -0700
From: Steve Jobs
Subject: Re: iPhone 4
In-reply-to: <>
Message-id: <>
MIME-version: 1.0
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.1081)
Content-type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT
References: <>
X-Brightmail-Tracker: AAAAAQAAAZE=
x-aol-global-disposition: G
X-AOL-SCOLL-SCORE: 0:2:446105184:93952408
x-aol-sid: 3039ac1d40574c268f884a96


On Jun 26, 2010, at 4:26 PM, wrote:

Has the Canadian iPhone 4 release date been pushed back to august due to such high demand in the U.S.?

So, there you have it. The iPhone 4 is still slated for an “end of July” release in Canada. Given the recent reception issues, are you still going to buy the iPhone 4 when it launches?


  • Wooh! I was expecting the worst.

  • Why do you guys keep saying “end of July” in your articles? This was not stated ANYWHERE. At WWDC he said “in July” not at the “end of July”!

  • Aa

    great news….can't wait for one of the big 3 to give us an exact date!! Here's to hoping it'll be before July 15th!!

  • Dave

    This is 90% fake.

    There is a simple url you put into any address bar to allow you to change the text on the page. He simply plugged that in, made it look like an email from Jobs, and rechanged the original url without hitting “enter”.

    Try it yourself, the url is:
    javascript: document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode = 'on'; void 0

  • Jumpstarts

    Nope …. that's it? lol I wish the politicians were like that instead of repeating questions asked.

  • rorypiper

    Great news! Looks like my prediction of an August 13th release is, gladly, wrong!

  • Garafraxa

    Very cool that Steve cares enough to respond to iPhone in Canada questions, but…

    … the phrasing of the questions is poor. It could be that the Canadian release will be in August, but for a reason other than the high demand in the U.S. That's just the pessimist in me talking; I am desperately hoping for a July release, too.

  • GC

    lol @ redacting e-mail in the screenshot but revealing Luke's e-mail address in the text headers anyways.

  • Kerry

    I don't believe it. Maybe it is a genuine email from Jobs but I don't think he has any control over roll out dates in Canada. Given that Rogers, Telus and Bell all have iPhone service, I just can't imagine it going smoothly and/or ontime. Alternatively, some iPhone 4s might actually be released in Canada SOMETIME during July but supply will be nowhere near demand, perhaps even comically low supplies, like 2 per store?

  • Draz

    No “Sent from my iPhone” message at the bottom? Usually a common thing in nearly all of the e-mails Steve Jobs sends out. Unless he wasn't using his iPhone! (*gasp*)

    So I'll stick with the 90% fake thing… But am crossing my fingers on hearing an announcement this week or next for the latest about a release date.

  • Noahattic

    yep, that's what i thought, too. i just heard he said the 2nd release would be somewhere “in july”.

    i bet it will be july 16th, a friday. i don't really care when they're gonna release it. i care when they're gonna let us know.

  • It will ship in July. July the 45th.

  • LOL

  • Dave
  • I crossed out his email for privacy reasons.

  • Admittedly the reception grip issues have me quite concerned. Seems like a major design flaw that was overlooked to me and justifies a recall or free fix.

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  • Helvetica

    He wasn't using an iPhone. The show the details above. Steve sent it using Apple Mail 2.1081 on a Mac, which is the same mail version he has used in the last couple messages he has sent.

  • jerryjai

    Great news!.. However, i am still wondering if the “White Iphone 4” will be sold at the same date on the release of Iphone's 4th Generation in Canada? The posts earlier have just mentioned about the released in mid-july at the states however they did not mention the white iphone being released elsewhere!!. Can anyone verify for me?

  • 4wallz

    Ya, that looks like an authentic email reply from Steve…. NOT!

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  • Lee

    Except in the screenshot where it shows it's luke9910….

  • Kevin

    there is priceon Apple store web page.. from 549…… but if u click that …. it says coming soom

  • It does. He often only replies in one word statements.

  • It's not a URL, it's a javascript function. And the Email headers are what shows the validity, anybody can doctor a webpage or screenshot.

  • mackman6151

    this is why i love steve jobs because he actually replies lol….try getting Ballmer to reply

  • Ryley

    This is a tiny bit off topic but does anyone have any guesses as to how many devices one can pre-order directly from Crapple?

  • Ex

    Two per customer

  • n!MA

    Having network coverage is the most important feature for me (and no I can't hold it differently). I'll have to stay with my 3g and live without multitasking until apple decides to fix the problem or I find a good android alternative.

  • still waiting for the upgrade fee schedule – what's taking so long?

  • Jville2

    LOL. FAIL. Sorry, Luke 🙁

  • haha I just noticed that. 😉

  • Calm down. Read this:

    iPhone 4 will roll out worldwide to 88 countries by the end of September. iPhone 4 will be available by the end of July in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.


  • jerryjai

    Great news!.. However, i am still wondering if the “White Iphone 4” will be sold at the same date on the release of Iphone's 4th Generation in Canada? The posts earlier have just mentioned about the released in mid-july at the states however they did not mention the white iphone being released elsewhere!!. Can anyone verify for me?

  • Xaroc

    Lol i wonder if Steve Jobs Checks once in a while to see if his Emails pop up at random websites lol
    knowing people are feeding off his words lol
    i doubt it, but it would be so funny if he started messing with us, giving us crazy crack pot theories lol

  • Cluttz

    This proves nothing even if it is real. The question asks “HAS” the Iphone 4 release date been pushed back, at this point it has not because it isn't even announced yet. So by saying nope, jobs isnt confirming anything at all he is merely stating something we all know.

  • Xaroc

    Calling Rogers, They confirm the new iphone in late july.
    try yourself if you need confirmation.

    Sent from my MacBook Pro.

  • Ex

    Just remember, the wireless carrier staff are the last to know. They
    “confirm” late July because Apple has said by the end of July.

  • Xaroc

    Yes, i am aware of that ^_^
    i know there was a scare with the iPad being late too.
    im sure things will be fine. im pretty sure its safe to say July. i mean… the man himself said lol

    Sent from my MacBook Pro.

  • Ryleylamarsh


  • Ralph

    lets hope for the best!!! lol at least he Steve Jobs doesn't sued you if you email him!!

  • Also, from today’s press release on iPhone 4 sales: “iPhone 4 is also available in the UK, France, Germany and Japan and will be available in an additional 18 countries by the end of July—Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada…”

  • Also, from today’s press release on iPhone 4 sales: “iPhone 4 is also available in the UK, France, Germany and Japan and will be available in an additional 18 countries by the end of July—Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada…”

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  • Yea, I'll probably still get it. Going to be getting a case for it anyway so I don't think I'll have to worry about the reception / scratch issues. As long as it's before the 24th, I'm cool. 🙂

  • Okay, fine. However, your article says that the iPhone 4 will be released in the end of July. There are differences in “by the end of July” and “release in the end of July”. 😉 Just being picky, that's all.

  • Xaroc

    Or dose what Microsoft dose, and have some guy named Amir replying
    from Pakistan representing Microsoft lol.

    Sent from my iPad

  • Xaroc

    I saw that too, if you look at the top left of the page the 549 represents the 3GS 8GB.

  • Bruce

    Can you expand on that? LOL

  • Philippe

    There won't be a delay on an unknown date? HAHAHA!!! Funny…

  • Yes I am going to buy the iPhone4 upon launch, can't wait, hope it's here in time for my vacation!

  • Joker Eh
  • Joker Eh
  • Joker Eh
  • LoWd0Wn

    I just read all the comments and only a few address the signal issue. That is HUGE for me. That is how I hold my phone. Unless we all use our right hands to hold it. If we were all left handed for typing etc??
    This is a big mistake on Apples part for the reception thing. I can't believe it got past R&D.
    I will still buy it as there has t be a fix, as too many people have complained about it. I wonder if the Invisible Shield will help with that as Apples bumper case seems to help – I believe I read that somewhere?? Not sure.
    I still have the 3G as I wanted the upgrade( every 2 years?) to this phone coming out. With iOS4 update it sure slowed my 3G to a crawl almost, so looking very forward to the new one. Hopefully the reception issue will be fixed by then.

  • Zeke2d

    If you still have the 3G, you should upgrade, it is VERY slow on OS 4, do a simple google search and many other people would have complained about the issue. I'm kinda suspicious about the reception thing, wouldn't the testers have noticed that? If so, wouldn't they have reported it to Apple and changed that? Or is it because Apple wants people to buy their bumper cases? Apparently, the reception issue is a hardware thing, so don't expect a software update to fix it.

  • Zeke2d

    Sigh. I wish Steve would give more details or something, he often only replies in very short answers.

  • Mr. X

    because he has 1000000 emails

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  • Pathetiq

    Yeah right… the question can also mean that it has been push back in august for another reason…

  • Mtlscream

    The rumor is….. for LAUNCH on July 23….

    Apple's wider international launch of the iPhone 4 has been penned in for July 23, according to an Electronista tipster. A source at a major Canadian carrier has the launch marked for that Friday, which would be consistent with the talk of a later July release date for the extra 18 countries involved. The contact warned that the date could move up if other carriers did the same, but Apple has rarely put launches across different dates for providers in a single country.

  • Ex

    I'm sure anyone could guess that.

    July 23/30 are the last two Friday's in the month. Watch for iPhone 4 at
    that time.

  • I've predicted this along with many others. We'll wait and see. Those
    two dates are a given.

  • Derek

    Yes, I was searching the comments to see if anyone else noticed too, but it seems like almost everyone missed that. The phrasing of the original question is very specific.

    He asks specifically if it's been pushed back to August due to high demand in the U.S. Which means that it could be pushed back for a different reason and/or it's been pushed back later than August.

  • Mtlscream

    Now we just need to wait and see…. and also when is the Pre-order…. any new plans etc….. i feel we'll have some news next week 🙂

  • Nando83p

    does this mean the actual pre-order date would be two weeks before that right?

  • Eric

    Why do you add “sent from my iPad to a Web posting” ?

  • Xaroc

    I didnt. i often reply through Email Notifications because its much easier then logging in to the website repeatedly . The Site must be taking my Sig too lol.

    Sent from my MacBook Pro.

  • Clearly he's too lazy to delete the default iPad Mail signature 😉


    Sent from my iPad

  • Xaroc

    Lol yeah.. if its a problem i guess i could. but i guess this way you can tell if im mobile or not lol

    Sent from my MacBook Pro.

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  • Fabeskins

    Not only is it slow, the 3g wont boot after a power down sometimes, mine being one of them. I bitched and now apple is replacing mine with a refurbished one, which I will then sell and buy the new iPhone 4.

  • ZMat3

    It hasn't been pushed back, due to a high demand in the US. Doesn't mean it wasn't pushed back for a different reason. :/

  • Steve Jobbs

    Whoa, this looks pretty legit.

  • Kuhulin

    I wonder how will IPhone 4 work in Canada where coverage is not that well in many parts of the country.

  • Dizzy

    Now that's funny lol!

  • Monica

    ya coz we all still live in igloos, right? moron

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