Steve Jobs Presents “Apple” In 1980, Rare Footage [VIDEO]


Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs passed away last year on October 5th. He died of cancer, leaving behind a company that only he could have built. Today, his spirit lives on for he will forever be the foundation of Apple.

We’ve just got our hands on a rare video footage (via FSM) of the 20th century’s greatest visionary, giving a presentation on Apple back in 1980. Check it out after the break:


  • Emzeder

    it was on october 5th not on october 15th…

  • Marcin

    Check out 21:20 mark when Steve says “I don’t think we’ll ever obsolete another product”. It’s funny how people thought about computers back then, as in “don’t improve on this product, I paid too much money for it”

  • Deadonjon

    After seeing this clip I can see why Ashton was picked to play Steve Jobs. They even kinda sound alike.