Steve Wozniak Confirms White iPhone 4 Will Be Released


If you have been holding out for the white iPhone 4, which is amazing in itself, you will love the following news.

For anyone that caught the Engadget show this weekend, guest Steve “Woz” Wozniak essentially confirmed that the white iPhone 4 is going to be released.

The white iPhone 4 was originally scheduled to release alongside the black iPhone 4 in summer 2010. After numerous production problems and various delays, the mythical device received a kind of, maybe release date for spring 2011. This release date was spotted on the iPhone 4 display blocks at Apple retail stores.

During the latest Engadget Show that aired this past weekend, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak confirmed that Apple has fixed the problems with the painting of the white iPhone 4 and that the device is going to be released soon. Woz further explained that he got his white iPhone 4 custom parts from that kid that was selling them a few months ago and that even Woz’s iPhone 4 led to light leakage issues with the camera.

Last week, a report detailed a new Japanese paint that fixed the issues on the white iPhone 4. So it looks like the “miracle paint” did the job.

It is one thing to have rumors tell you that the white iPhone 4 is coming, but it is completely different when The Woz tells you.



  • Anonymous

    I would love it… But i have the black iPhone 4 and at this point i might just wait for the next white iPhone, no?

  • Anonymous

    Great awesome…. iPhone 5 time though.
    Sorry Woz

  • Kirk Armstrong

    Lol the mythical beast arrives. After Everyone in the world already has a black one.

  • It would be funny if Verizon had the white iPhone 4 only.

  • Anonymous

    Really thats their excuse why they couldn’t launch the white iPhone4. Seems like sh1t to me, but even if it does launch who cares.The black one looks sleaker,and the new white one will still have antenna issues. Apple failed the iphone4 launch. I got an iphone4 and gotta say probaly last one i buy.

  • Anonymous

    at this stage……..white iphone4 = pointless

  • skid

    why would I want to get a white iphone4 in spring??? it doesn’t make any sense! the next iphone ( iphone 5) will most likely be released around June time anyways.