Steven Levy Recollects His Interview with Steve Jobs From 1983


Steven Levy, currently writing for Wired, has published an in-depth look at his 48 page manuscript interview with Steve Jobs, that took place back in November of 1983 (he was writing for Rolling Stone):

I can’t find the tape of my first interview with Steve Jobs. At some point in the past 28 years—the conversation took place in November 1983—it got lost. But I do have the 43-page transcript, complete with the transcriber’s misunderstandings (“lease the technology” instead of “Lisa technology,” for instance). It was the first of what turned out to be many interviews, currently stacked in a dog-eared tower of pages here on my desk. After Jobs died on October 5, I’ve found myself drawn back to this archive and now realize that it comprises an idiosyncratic portrait of Jobs himself as he evolved over the years.

The interview took place over vegan pizza in a Californian. It’s a fascinating read that dives deep into the thinking of Steve Jobs and his view of how technology was evolving. If you’re in ‘Steve Jobs biography’ mode, you’ll enjoy this piece. Check it out here.


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    Your first link is incorrect – it points to the patent exhibit  blog post.