Study: Mobile Etiquette in Canada is Continually Getting Worse



According to a study conducted for PC mobile, mobile manners continue to slip in Canada. 

The study found that the way Canadians are using their smartphones are moving into an area which is unacceptable and potentially dangerous. Areas of interest include texting while driving or using your smartphone while in the bathroom. 

Here is a list of the three most concerning ways Canadians use their smartphones:

– 22% of Canadians have texted while driving (20% made a phone call without using hands-free technology) 

– 30% of Canadians talk or text while walking

– 37% if Canadians have used their smartphones while they are in the bathroom. 

About two out of every 3 people that participated in the study conducted for PC mobile feel that mobile etiquette in Canada is getting worse. 

Chief Family Advisor for PC Kathy Buckworth said:

“Our children follow our lead, so by engaging in bad and potentially dangerous mobile behaviour, we are telling them one thing and showing them another. As we get ready to send our kids back to school with the latest mobile devices, the best way to stop them from adopting these annoying habits is to educate them about this topic, and most importantly, to lead by example.” 

What do you think about the above study and the conclusion that mobile etiquette in Canada is getting worse? Let us know in the comments below.

[via NewsWire]


  • Al

    “While driving” has nothing to do with etiquette.

    While walking “may” have something to do with etiquette, depenidng on the circumstances.

    And “while pooping” is hilarious. And, depenidng on what you are actually doing, has nothing to do with etigquette and, quite frankly, is nobody’s business to care about your business, when you’re doing your business. Besides, phones have been in many hotel washrooms for decades. Soooo…. unless it’s an explosive situation, no one will know.

    The source of this original article is an idiot.

  • johnnygoodface

    Yes I agree. What people do with their own device is their business, as long as it’s not rude to anyone and certainly not dangerous to anybody. I see a LOT still using their smartphone while driving and I wish we could report them to the police, although I think the only thing that would stop them doing this is killing someone… and even then (like the smoker with a cancer!)

  • MikeJenkinson

    Wait … only 37% of Canadians have used their smartphones in the bathroom? That means the rest of Canadians surveyed are liars. 🙂

  • Hahah

  • ????Dennis

    Was going to reply but you said it better than I would have.

    And to the dude saying he wishes he could report people to the police…. People like you annoy me. If they are driving properly, what do you care?

  • heneedsamirror

    [“While driving” has nothing to do with etiquette.]


    [The source of this original article is an idiot.]

    & not the one for reply?

  • ????Dennis

    Yes really… Did he studder?

    No… Seems like the one replying to the reply is the idiot.

  • K3


    1. You must have never been cut off or had someone cut in front of you with out a signal light?

    2. I think you just replied.

    By the way he didn’t STUTTER no, fairly certain he was typing not talking. Where did you get the membership card? ????

  • Sterling Archer

    Driving and texting is idiotic and dangerous, but it’s not related to etiquette.

    Is like saying drinking while driving is poor alcohol etiquette.

    If this discussed people using their devices while at dinner, or while visiting with friends or while engaging with their family, it would then make sense.

    Dangerous behaviour is not etiquette.

  • Sterling Archer

    I was with you until the last part.

    No matter what, I don’t care the circumstances, driving and texting is stupid and rightfully illegal. It’s been shown through multiple studies that texting while driving is very close to alcohol in the distraction level. If you’re texting while driving, you’re not driving properly, simple as that.

  • Al

    I couldn’t be more confused by a response. Did you think Dennis was replying to Archer or something?

  • The Stig

    Here’s a new feature for iOS9, Location Based Email Signature. iPhone will insert a signature at the bottom of your email using its micro-location technology. For example:
    Sent while driving on 401
    Sent while crossing the street
    Sent while taking a $hit

  • ????Dennis

    I hope my prize was never having to read a dumb comment from you again…

    “Driving properly”.

    It’s a movie quote… Get out of your moms basement and get some fresh air.

  • yamadori

    LOL What he said ^ 😉

  • K3

    Good to see that’s the best you have.
    “studders” ????

  • You guys have no idea what you’re talking about, none of you!

    Sent from my iPhone while inthebathroom/reading/eating/driving/caringforbaby/sleeping/showering/working

  • Samuel Coleman

    To start with don’t get me wrong… I own a smart phone.  I find it funny with all of the technology we possess.  So many of us have phones, many of us basically at all times, even beside us while we sleep.  How often do you go into a store and you are waiting in line; are you one of the many standing there playing, I mean using our phones for important issues.  I have been in very large cities driving and probably 80% or more of the people are like mindless zombies standing there poking at their phones just waiting for the light to change.  The walk light comes on, they start walking and look back at their phones.  We use these devices to save us time, but really do they not just consume more time?  We go for more any just end up with less time?  What is up with that?  How about people sitting on the couch or in the same room texting each other… I’m sorry, have you lost your voice?  Are we more connected as we all claim?  I like to think that we are “connectedly disconnected”.

  • JKane9999

    Forget etiquette…how about basic manners? Try selling something on Kijiji, most people don’t even have common decency. Soon we’ll be texting each other grunts.

    Ad: ‘iPhone for sale, $500’
    Text: ugh 75