Stunning New iPhone 6 Renders Mirror Latest Rumours [PICS]


IPhone Render 5 620x479

Earlier today, we reported on new concepts that depicted antenna bands on leaked ‘iPhone 6’ models with glass backs, meaning the next generation iPhone will most likely retain the existing dual-glass design. Building up on that report, we now have some stunning new renders of the rumoured ‘iPhone 6’, courtesy of designer Mark Pelin, which promises to give us an early glimpse at Apple’s next flagship smartphone (via

[Machine Translation] : The second concept is in the same vein even if the designer Mark Palin has chosen to present much finer bands back on the models, perhaps to take into account the fact that they do not accurately reflect the design iPhone 6 as seen here . The nuance between the aluminum parts / glass is much more successful with a much more rewarding record.

The new ‘iPhone 6’ renders show rounded edges, Touch ID on the home button, and the new rounded volume rocker. What I really like about this latest render is that it nicely incorporates all the latest rumours and shows off what the larger, next generation iPhone could look like in its final form, curves, thinness etc.

Here are some more renders for you to enjoy:

Ip6conceptgall 1 m

Ip6conceptgall m

Ip6conceptgall 2 m

Ip6conceptgall 3 m


Yet another concept based on latest rumours comes from Ukraine, featuring a rounded design, sleep/wake button on the right and elongated volume buttons. Check it out:





  • ?suttonmontreal

    Its like a mix of the new iPod touch and iPhone 5S. I want 2 please.

  • Payne

    I’ll take in one 4.7″ and one 5.5″.

  • Parksy

    My almost two year old iPhone 5 is on the fritz and I’m hoping it holds on so I can get a new one in the fall. I’d hate to spend money on a 5S at this point in the game. I’m intrigued by the bigger form factors and if the two sizes turns out to be true, many of us will have to make a decision. At this point I’d lean towards the 4.7″ as 5.5″ seems too big. I’d like to be able to carry it in a pocked if necessary.

  • J. W.

    Not a big fan of those lines on the top and bottom, but I’m liking the form factor.

  • Biggy604

    Is it me or all these new renders have a downgraded Flash from that of the 5S/5C’s? What happened to those?

  • ChrisShield5

    I have an iPhone 4 on the fritz. Also waiting… except I’m definately getting the 4.7″, 5.5″ is like a freaking iPad in your pocket. Screw that noise.