Subway Canada Locations Start Advertising Apple Pay [PIC]


Apple Pay is coming to Canada before the end of this year, according to CEO Tim Cook, which so far has American Express on board to bring support for cardholders here.

It now appears some retail chains have started to advertise Apple Pay, specifically on their point-of-sale terminals, like the one we are seeing from a Subway location below in the Greater Toronto Area (via Reddit):


For those who missed it, below is a short clip we previously shared of Apple Pay being used at Subway in Canada, thanks to a supported U.S. credit card (note Apple Pay will launch at the lock screen automatically without unlocking your device, unlike shown in the video):

Meanwhile, another Reddit user claims to have spotted Apple Pay marketing materials within Best Buy as well, while purchasing their new Apple TV.

We already saw Apple Maps denoting the Apple Pay logo for select Whole Foods and McDonald’s locations, so these major chains could be official Canadian launch partners.

While NFC terminals are widespread in Canada, merchants will need to accept American Express and have tap-to-pay enabled in order for customers to use Apple Pay.

TD Canada Trust previously leaked Apple Pay as “coming soon” on their website, while we’re hearing BMO and RBC have plans to similarly support the mobile wallet.

According to a recent article in The Globe and Mail, sources explained some reasons why Apple bypassed Canadian banks for the launch of Apple Pay here.

Let us know if you’re seeing any marketing materials for Apple Pay at your local retailers!

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  • erth

    Gary, you have stated you know something about the big banks, but refuse to state what you know.
    how about letting us know when? I would setup a amex card now, but if the big banks are on the horizon, say in a couple of months, i would not use my amex card going forward.
    can you give us any more info?


  • Zeke

    Two of my friends arent waiting for Apple Pay. They are also not waiting for a bank to dictate to them what they can and cannot pay with.

    They have put a credit card between their case and iPad and tap to pay everywhere. It works great.

    As for “what happens if their ipad gets lost or stolen” question. You already know the answer. What do you do if you loose you’re wallet?

    I agree with my friends. Im not going to wait and im not going to allow a bank or Apple to dictate to me what i can and cannot do.

  • Tim

    There’s no way I’m signing up to f*cking AMEX so that I can use Apple Pay for 15% of my transactions. Nobody accepts AMEX. There’s no convenience in that. It’s a stupid novelty at this point.

  • John

    According to the Amex website Subway isn’t listed as an option to pay with.

    It could be interact but there is no info on debit cards in Canada with Apple Pay.

    So this must mean the banks are getting online with Apple Pay.

  • I used to have an AMEX card and found it useful at probably a good 50–75% of locations I shopped at. I liked it for its rewards at the time. If it turns out it’s the only way to use Apple Pay I’ll be signing up for it again.

  • xeronine992

    I’ve used Amex at Subway before though.. And that list is in no way a complete list of places you can use Amex.

  • Rio

    Well there are some places in Canada that accept AMEX at more places.

    I use Amex at all the places I visit. The only place I avoid using Amex is at mom & pop shops or local bars. I am sure they accept them but I prefer to not burden them with it.

    I would say 90% of stores near me take AMEX.

  • xeronine992

    Aren’t they though? They’re dictating that you can only tap and pay with a plastic card or a handful of Android devices.

    Now if you and they opened a US bank account to use Apple Pay here and bypass the banks that way then I’d say you’re making a point.

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    “sources explained some reasons why Apple bypassed Canadian banks” again guys? That’s inaccurate speculation.

  • sully54

    What gets me is how these articles use the past tense “bypassed” as if Apple Pay has already launched in Canada without any support from the banks.