Surrey Apple Store at Guildford Town Centre Grand Opening: Sept. 28, 10AM [u]


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Well looks like we willed this one into existence, didn’t we? Apple has just updated its website to list the grand opening date for the highly anticipated Apple Store at Guildford Town Centre in Surrey, set for this Saturday, September 28 at 10AM. As always, the first 1000 visitors will receive a commemorative free t-shirt.

The Guildford Town Centre Apple store’s address and hours are listed below:

Apple Store
Guildford Town Centre
10355 152 Street
Surrey, British Columbia V3R 7C1
(604) 634-3240

Store hours:
Mon – Sat: 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Sun: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Last night the new Surrey location started to pop up in the Apple Store iOS app, which we told you about this morning; now we know why. If you want a sneak preview of the store you can check out this spy shot here.

This grand opening marks the sixth Apple Store in British Columbia, with all of them located in Metro Vancouver, and the 29th store for Canada. Despite the Lower Mainland having six retail locations, the province’s capital city of Victoria is still eagerly waiting for a store.

Who’s excited for this? Anyone going to line up?

Update: Apple just sent out the following email announcement:

surrey apple store


Update: Sept. 27–here is a picture of the outside of the store, almost ready for Saturday’s grand opening


  • KD

    Park Royal South Location next apparently. According to rumours at that mall anyway.

  • If that is the case…Apple Stores in Vancouver = the next Starbucks invasion

  • Cody Woodward

    I’m a surrey kid so I think it would be sweet to have that shirt haha

  • Line up and get one and send us a pic!!

  • Prab

    I will be going on Saturday. Is anyone planning on lining up? What time do you think would be reasonable for a grand opening?

  • Couple hours might do it.

  • PSL ???????

    I’ll be lining up too. Like Gary said, a few hours will probably do it.. I’m not sure if we’ll have to line up outside though; awaiting response from @ShopGTC (Guildford mall twitter).

  • Prab

    what time are you lining up?

  • William R King

    Are there any “Specials” on the ‘Grand Opening’ day?

  • None, aside from the free t-shirts. Of course student discounts are always available.

  • William R King

    Cool. Thanks Gary!

  • Al

    On a related note, here’s a scenario perhaps better than learning of a pending Apple store opening (and waiting weeks/months for it to happen)…

    Going to a mall you haven’t been to in several months, and stumbling upon an Apple store that wasn’t there before. Happened to me today.

    By the way… finally saw in person the gold and silver iPhones… yuck! Great from the back, boring white from the front. My wife thought the same thing. Space grey (or whatever) is just boring black on the front. No wonder it’s hard to find a straight on front picture of the new iPhones. They’re the same old boring colours. What good are these new colours if you don’t get to appreciate them while you’re using your iPhone??? “Yea… It’s a cool colour… but it’s only on the back.” Jeez

    And I still say that the gold is a girl’s phone.

  • PSL ???????

    6:30-7? You?