Surrey Launches PassportCanada iOS App for Parking Payments


The City of Surrey has launched a new mobile app to make it easier to pay and track parking, replacing the existing mobile system, with a new solution coming from Passport, which also powers other city parking apps across Canada.

PassportCanada will work at on and off-street parking locations, including the following: NCH Parkade, Healthy Communities, Central City Library, North Surrey Rec. Ctr, SFU Lot B, and SFU Lot C. Users will see new signed asking users to download the app from their smartphones.

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The PassportCanada app allows users to quickly pay, track and extend their parking right from their iPhone or Android device. Notifications are sent out 15 minutes prior to parking expiration, while merchant validation will also be possible through the app at participation businesses.

Andrew Haye, Parking Services Coordinator, said “We’re pleased to be working with the Passport team to launch this new mobile pay solution,” along with “We know that PassportCanada is an app that our residents and visitors will get excited about using.”

The City of Surrey says the app is free to use, with no additional fees. For first-time sessions, a promotional $2 discount code can be used. Parking can also be managed online at The City says the app will be ready to download in early 2016, but it’s already in the App Store.

Passport previously helped launch GreenP in Toronto and ParkVictoria for Victoria, while the company also powers parking in the City of Timmins and other private lots across Canada.

I use the ParkVictoria iPhone app periodically and it’s a very good parking app. There’s no fee involved if you fund your ParkVictoria account balance with reloads, but only if you are using single credit card transactions.

Click here to download PassportCanada in the App Store—and let us know how you like it.


  • Alan Amoshto

    I for one am disappointed that Surrey chose to force Vancouver users to now carry two apps to pay for parking. We use PayByPhone all over the City of Vancouver, now we need to have a second app just for Surrey. That sucks.

  • It’s definitely an inconvenience, but once you set it up, it gets pretty easy. I still have to switch between PayByPhone for Vancouver visits and ParkVictoria, it’s not that big of a deal to me. I’m just happy to not have to get change to pay for parking.

  • Jason Bjerke

    Don’t forget if parking in Surrey, you should have a track my car app like ihere3.0, so you can see when/where your cars gets stolen to!

  • Just put a pit bull in the car!

  • Vikram662

    This “joke” is about 15 years too late, bud.

  • Mike Fradette

    I think PassportCanada is a bit misleading.

  • Unfortunately Passport is the name of the company behind the app/software…but yes, a new name would have made it clearer. Maybe something like ParkSurrey?