Survey: MTS Customers Expect Intro of Monthly Caps if Acquisition by Bell is Approved

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According to a survey released today by The Public Interest Advocacy Centre, the people of Manitoba are showing high levels of concern with Bell’s proposed acquisition of MTS.

Current MTS consumers are worried that the takeover will increase prices for all wireless and internet services offered by the company, in addition to Bell ushering in data caps. In the poll, 53 percent of customers said internet prices will increase, while 54 percent predict that wireless prices will increase.

The results also show that 75 percent of customers expect that data caps will be introduced on internet services, while 74 percent believe that unlimited data plans will disappear. Executive Director and General Counsel to PIAC, John Lawford:

“Manitoba consumers think the BCE offer for MTS will hurt them where it matters most – in the wallet. They know the deal is bad news for Manitoba and they’ll lose the competitive market that’s delivered low prices and unlimited Internet.”

What are your thoughts about Bell’s proposed acquisition of MTS? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Tim

    “In the poll, 53 percent of customers said internet prices will increase, while 54 percent predict that wireless prices will increase.”

    so, less than 55% realize that Bell is the devil that will bend them over whenever they want.

  • YoGoerz

    It is completely ignorant if anyone thinks this deal is consumer focused. The fact that the CRTC and Competition Bureau are even entertaining this is crap.

  • Ashley Mann

    Sucks for customers, great for BCE stock holders. But the best is to have BCE pay your iPhone bill every month for you. Ive bought just enough BCE stock so it pays my iPhone bill every month through its dividend. The dividend goes into my account every quarter, Bell Mobility takes out the money to pay my iPhone bill every month. Simple works!

  • It’s Me

    meh. More debt for an already debt loaded BCE. Wasn’t that long ago that the proposed takeover by the teachers union fell apart because of their high debt levels and concerns over solvency.

    It’s nice to be part of a duopoly and to be large enough to take out competitors and to have cozy friendships with your main “competition” but that doesn’t make them immune to the effects of being overloaded with debt.