New Swift Framework Brings 3D Touch to Older iOS Devices


If you are curious about how 3D Touch would work on your iPhone, a new GitHub repository under the name of “PeekPop” may be your to-go solution (via The Next Web).


PeekPop was written is Swift and is a “faithful recreation of the peek and pop animation,” and it also uses an API “almost identical” to what you see on the iPhone 6s. You need a device running iOS 8 or later to test PeekPop, and developers can also customize the pressure sensitivity.

The best of all is that PeekPop doesn’t change your hardware in any way but brings functionality to a device that is not officially supported by Apple. And since iPhone 6s owners account for only small percentage of the total install base, this could become a useful framework. Those interested can check out the GitHub repo.

You may recall that Instagram had a similar initiative in January when it introduced some 3D Touch features to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users.


  • Peter

    How to install it? I am not a developer and have basic knowledge of side loading apps via Xcode.

  • KS

    I think regular users cannot use it yet, as PeekPop is basically a function. Developers need to incorporate this code in their apps for us to use it.

  • winnertakesteve

    Does it measure the area of contact to infer pressure?