Swiss Chalet Unveils Revamped Mobile App with Order-Ahead Functionality


Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill has revamped its mobile app in order to enhance the digital experience it provides customers across Canada.The revamped app and new advertising partnerships with Waze, The Weather Network, and TeamSnap will offer all customers access to simple digital ordering technologies. Swiss Chalet has become the first Canadian brand to integrate order-ahead functionality into its mobile app.

In a statement, Swiss Chalet’s Director of Marketing Lindsay Robinson said:

“The partnership with Waze is driven by our commitment to provide convenience to our guests to either order Swiss Chalet with a click of a button or easily find one of our locations to visit in person.”

In addition to their Waze partnership that brings the order-ahead feature, Swiss Chalet is also partnering with The Weather Network to use weather data to serve up targeted ads. This is a very interesting approach that is currently not being used by many similar companies.

In a statement, CARA’s Vice-President of Marketing David Colebrook said:

“These partnerships for Swiss Chalet are excellent examples of how CARA is investing in digital strategies to support all of our brands in better serving Canadians.”

The newly redesigned app, which was designed in-house by CARA, has been met with a positive customer response and holds a rating near a perfect 5 stars. Here is a list of features included in the app:

  • Place orders for pickup and delivery with “Favourite Orders” and “Quick Order”
  • Search and select menu items
  • Filter by calories and allergens
  • Purchase meals through Apple Pay.

Swiss Chalet will be continually improving their customer experience both from an in-person perspective as well as from a digital perspective.


  • Eric

    Im sorry Swiss Chalet is very outdated… reminds me of a place for Seniors…

    Nandos for the win!!!

  • swotam

    I’ve used their app several times since it was revamped last year and I was shocked at how well it works, since most restaurant apps are pretty crappy. The Apple Pay integration is great and I wish more food ordering apps would support it for payment. If you’re looking to do Swiss Chalet take out or delivery, it’s definitely worth checking out.

    One thing re: the article headline, the ability to order ahead or schedule an order for a later time isn’t new, you’ve been able to do this for ages.

  • Gavin Steiner

    Swiss Chalet can barely handle third deliver service now. Adding new “features” is just going to good things up more. I can’t remember the last time they sent me the properborder. I know this depends on the store.