Switching From Chrome to Safari on Your MacBook Could Get You an Extra Hour of Battery Life



According to a new study from BatteryBox, switching from Chrome to Safari on a MacBook could get you an extra hour of battery life.

After noticing that on of their employees was consistently getting better battery life out of his MacBook after switching to Safari, the company decided to modify a testing program they had to monitor power consumption on a MacBook.

“We measured the power consumption of watching videos on YouTube, browsing Reddit, streaming on Netflix vs Putlocker, creeping on Twitter and FaceBook, composing emails on services like Gmail and Hotmail, and searching for stuff on Google, Bing (yup, surprisingly, it’s still used), and DuckDuckGo. We used a factory-restored MacBook Pro Retina 13” to test each website on one internet browser at a time. No programs other than the browser were open.”

After averaging data from all the tests, Safari consumed the least power and allowed for 6 hours and 21 minutes of total use. Firefox came in second with 5 hours and 29 minutes of total use, and Chrome came in last with 5 hours and 8 minutes of usage.


The simple switch of web browsers from Chrome to Safari is likely to give you an hour or more of extra battery life on your MacBook.

What web browser are you using on your MacBook? Have you seen battery life improvements by switching from one browser to another? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Ed Johnson

    And that extra hour will seem like 3 extra hours because an extra hour of Safari is like an extra hour in hell.

  • Anon

    Safari is crap though.

  • Flaxx

    I use to love Chrome. I still use it but it’s now a love-hate relationship as it slowly becomes the new Internet Explorer on OSX.

  • MathieuM

    I made the switch about 6 months ago and have been enjoying longer battery life ever since.

    – longer battery life
    – synchronization with Safari on my iPhone/iPad

    Extensions (free) to install to overcome the ‘Cons’ from leaving Chrome behind:
    – PopSearch (put any/all search engines right in the address bar)
    – AdBlock
    – ClickToFlash (will extend battery life even further by only loading wanted Flash)
    – Ghostery (block webtracking)

  • Chrome262

    its faster then chrome on a mac as well, switched a long time ago, and it isn’t the resource hog that is chrome. in terms of memory use and cpu even firefox is better then chrome.

  • Chrome262

    I use all three browsers at work. In fact people at work who use their macs use safari. My work is a blend of biological research and computer science, so most of us use a combination of linux, windows, and osx. So generally they all have similar function, and we do develop for all three. You can use all three on mac and only two of them on linux and on widows (although i have seen Safari on linux). I still find that when ever people use OSx they use safari, there are a few who will use firefox or chrome just for the integration across platforms, but there are extensions on all three that do that so thats isn’t a real problem. Mostly we use what is good on what system, OS X Safari, Linux firefox, and windows chrome. Although with linux chrome does work ok, but even on linux its a resource hog. Because of this it is less in favor on a resource limited box.