T-Mobile Announces New $30 Prepaid Tourist Plan with 2GB LTE Data


Great news for Canadians visiting the U.S. as T-Mobile has today announced a new prepaid Tourist Plan for international visitors to the U.S. that features 1,000 minutes of domestic calling as well as unlimited 2G data with the first 2GB at 4G LTE speeds, MacRumors reports. The plan also includes unlimited domestic and international texting to over 140 countries and regions.

T mobile

So the next time you’re visiting the U.S., all you need to do is visit a T-Mobile store with an unlocked GSM smartphone, sign up and pay for the plan, and receive a free SIM card to access the carrier’s network. The one-time, one-line plan lasts 3 weeks and cannot be renewed after automatically expiring at 11:59 p.m. on the 21st day of service. Since international phone numbers cannot be ported to the U.S., T-Mobile will assign customers a new U.S. number when they sign up for the Tourist Plan.

International calling from the U.S. to other countries is not included in the plan and cannot be added as an additional feature, but customers can use Wi-Fi-based calling services. 

The Tourist Plan includes 200MB of U.S. data roaming, but other T-Mobile perks such as Mobile Without Borders, Binge On, and Music Freedom are not included. The plan permits tethering, with Mobile Hotspot using data from the 2GB allotment of 4G LTE data, followed by slower speeds afterwards. 

T-Mobile’s new $30 prepaid Tourist Plan will be available starting June 12.


  • Axel

    I love how T-mobile is shaken the telecom market in the US. Sure AT&T and Verizon will offer their own version of this soon. Was hoping T-mobile came in here and showed the pig 3 what “value” is.

  • JB

    Currently you can get a $3 voice plan (30 minutes talk or 30 texts) plus a $10 1GB/7-day data plan. For $13 plus a SIM card, you’re set for a week in the states… Of course you need a SIM card, which is $20. So, basically, this plan is considerably better and cheaper. Well done, T-Mobile…

  • aaloo

    30 texts? how will that last you a week. not every text message will go as data through iMessage.

  • sukisszoze

    This probably will eat into Roam Mobility’s sales?!?

  • BigCat

    Finally, another great easy to get solution that once again shows how Canadians are getting overcharged.

    I just love how proud Rogers is of their “Roam like home” product, which promises to help Canadians combat high roaming costs.

    T-Mobile has known that their network access is being marked up by foreign carriers, so why not just cutout the middle man.

    Thanks T-Mobile for doing what the Canadian Government has failed to do!

  • Buddha

    I got Fido roam and it’s not so bad, it works out to $5 per day (max 10 days / billing cycle) I’m there + $5 extra every month. It’s not super bad considering that I have unlimited Canada wide minutes + 6 gb on my plan. So according to fido (I asked repeatedly) when I’m in the US I can call all throughout the US and Canada and I get to use my number.