TAG Heuer CEO Admits He’ll Be Wearing an Apple Watch


Apple watch

Although he won’t be standing in line like Woz does every year, TAG Heuer CEO Jean Claude Biver will nonetheless be one of Apple’s clients. While shedding light on the company’s plans to develop a smartwatch of their own, Biver admitted to Bloomberg that he also plans on sporting an Apple Watch.

“It’s a fantastic product, an incredible achievement,” he said. “I’m not just living in the tradition and culture and the past, I also want to be connected to the future. The Apple Watch connects me to the future. My watch connects me to history, to eternity.”

During the interview Biver highlighted the shortcomings of the Swiss watch industry in the light of the Apple Watch, which — at least from Bloomberg’s position — apparently brings into question the terms associated with the historical “Swiss made” label: quality, expertise and innovation.

The Apple Watch will, according to Biver, impact upon watch sales priced at less than $2,000. From a technological perspective the Swiss watch industry falls behind Silicon Valley. Since Biver plans to challenge Apple and other major players of the smartwatch industry, he has a solution for this issue: He will outsource the hardware and software to Silicon Valley and keep the rest of the components as as Swiss, he says.

For a smartwatch, “we can’t produce the engine, the chips, the applications, the hardware — nobody can produce it in Switzerland,” Biver said. “The hardware and the software will come from Silicon Valley. But the watch case, the dial, the design, the idea, the crown, that part of the watch will, of course, be Swiss.”

However, to keep the Swiss made label at 50%, the watch’s movements need to be produced in Switzerland. Since their knowledge is largely limited to mechanical know-how, this apparently won’t be possible; or, at least, this is what the Biver interview suggests. It appears that the heart of the Swiss smartwatch will be owned by Silicon Valley.


  • Al

    Orrrrr… As this will bring back the habit of wearing of a watch again for many people, perhaps that will eventually lead to a renaissance of the traditional watch (people wanting the “real” thing). And, perhaps by then, they will have developed the technology to produce a screen that is completely transparent until used, resulting in a complete merger of traditional watch and smart watch. In other words, your watch will look like a normal watch until you use it and the crystal darkens and becomes the smart watch screen. That’s my prediction for 2020…. or maybe 2021… I’m not certain.

  • iFone

    The only thing really stopping smart-watches from becoming mainstream is battery life.
    Once they are able to achieve a battery life of months while providing the same benefits as you may see in the upcoming Apple Watch, then people not interested in gadgets will start paying attention.

  • Chrome262

    Maybe sooner with the thin flexible displays, you can see through them as well when not active. Its just how big the watch will be at this point, I bet its sooner then what you predict, IF people actually want a real movement in their watch.

  • Al

    If people want to pay for those big farm-style kitchen sinks, then, one day, they will want to see real hands on their watch again.

    I’m gonna go with April 1, 2020 as the announcement date. Right about 10:17 PST. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

  • ????Dennis

    Am I the only one that thinks the Apple watch will be a dud? I just don’t see the need when we have iPhones. Fashion statement? No way… I’d much can rather wear a clasy timepiece than a geeky looking watch.

    I dunno… But I think Al has been experimenting with some LSD today… Crystal darkening in 2020, hahaha