Tangerine to Support Apple Pay for Interac Debit Cards Soon, According to Apple [u]


Update 4:01PM PT: Apple has taken down the mention of Interac debit for Tangerine. Below is our original story.

Last August, Tangerine launched Apple Pay for their Mastercard credit cards, but Interac debit card owners were left out. When the bank updated its cardholder agreement back in October, many suspected Interac support for Apple Pay was imminent.

Now, it appears Apple Pay support for Tangerine’s Interac debit cards will be coming soon. Apple’s support document for Apple Pay participating banks was updated to now list “Interac debit cards” for Tangerine, as you can see below:

Screenshot 2017 05 17 11 36 08

Earlier this week, the support document only listed MasterCard credit cards:

Screenshot 2017 05 17 11 43 47

Tangerine customers can attempt to their Interac cards to Apple Pay, but the “Your Issuer Does Not Yet Offer Support for This Card” message appears in the process.

When we reached out to Tangerine about Interac debit support for Apple Pay, they responded with the following:

While we don’t have any updates to provide regarding Apply Pay for the Client Card at this time, we appreciate your interest and we’ll be sure to forward your comment for future consideration.

What do you think? Apple Pay coming soon to Tangerine Interac debit cards or what?

Thanks Jonathan


  • Corey Beazer

    Now lets hope Presidents Choice follows suit

  • slicecom

    It better be!

  • Many99

    Hey Gary is there any information on when ApplePay can be used with debit for in-app purchases

  • Cody

    Hey Gary – HSBC MasterCard support as well!

  • Lapsusone

    National Bank also coming this summer according to their latest tweet responses!

  • Where?

  • Andre Govereau

    You probably need one of there new Interac Flash debit cards to make this work, I’m in the process of trying to get one to use Apple Pay but it’s a massive hassle.

  • Andre Govereau

    Last night I was told they have to cancel my current debit card before they can issue the new interac flash card, and I would be waiting a little over a week so I said forget about it as I need to be able to access my money. Then I was told I can drive 2 hours to Toronto and get one right away.

    So tonight I took all of my money out of my account to prepare for the week+ without a debit card, called again and was told cause there is no funds in my account they cannot issue the new debit card.

  • My god! National Bank coming to the 21st century? Who knew it could be possible? I left that bank because of how slow they are to move. Tangerine is my new crush.

  • Andreg

    Nope. They have corrected it. It no longer says anything except Mastercard.