Tangerine Says Apple Pay Launch Coming by “End of July”


When RBC and CIBC were the first Canadian banks to support Apple Pay back on May 10th, it put a tonne of pressure on other banks that stayed mum on the mobile wallet, including Scotiabank-owned Tangerine.

The bank first told customers it would be supporting Apple Pay “in the near future”, but that wasn’t good enough for their clients, so CEO Peter Aceto tweeted it would become available in 6-8 weeks time and apologized for the delay.

With today’s launch of Apple Pay from TD, BMO and Scotiabank, those not banking with the Big 5 want answers on when they can experience the mobile wallet.

To clarify their timeline, Tangerine’s Chief Information Officer, Charaka Kithulegoda, tweeted this morning the bank is “working hard to get it to our Clients by the end of July. Stay tuned!”

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This timeframe is still within the 6-8 weeks timeline tweeted by Tangerine’s CEO, and should reassure their customers for now, while they keep waiting patiently for Apple Pay.

Tangerine pegs itself as a forward-thinking bank, and was one of the first banks to add Touch ID to their iOS app, which last month received a major update. However, when it comes to Apple Pay, the bank has lagged behind the Big 5 in being first to support the mobile wallet.

Nevertheless, Tangerine customers, just be patient and you’ll be soon be checking out with Apple Pay like the rest of us.

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  • I’ve been really happy with Tangerine. I wish they would be faster with Apple Pay but it is not tarnishing my view of them at all. I don’t use their credit card anyway so it doesn’t overly affect me and I’d rather use them overall for free than pay the big 3 big fees.

  • Andre

    Meanwhile…HSBC….Is giving their costumers the run around on Twitter.

  • Corey Beazer

    I’ll be switching over from PC Financial to Tangerine if PC doesn’t adopt soon.

  • Z S

    I’m surprised Apple Pay caught Tangerine with their pants down like this. Surely they should have been kept in the loop, especially considering they’re owned by Scotiabank.

  • slicecom

    I’m actually kind of shocked that Tangerine is so behind on this. I switched to them because they were usually first to get everything!

  • exalted719

    Scotiabank probably wanted to take the spotlight. Tangerine is their “low cost” brand so I’m not surprised if they wanted Scotiabank to launch Apply Pay before Tangerine.

  • Alex Dornier

    Oh my god YES! I can’t wait! I was so jealous of the other banks getting it and nothing from the “forward thinking” bank!

  • Geeta Dutt

    Me too!

  • Dennis

    Well 6 to 8 weeks is definite future thinking of a kind, but incomprehensible for an online bank. What’s going on?

  • JackD

    2 Days!