Tangerine Website Posts Apple Pay Terms of Service


Tangering Bank has now posted their Apple Pay Agreement on their website, a sign their launch is imminent:

This Agreement is between you and Tangerine Bank in connection with the Apple Pay™ service. It applies to your use of Apple Pay to make a payment with a Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card on any Mobile Device that supports Apple Pay.

Tangerine apple pay

The terms essentially go over what Apple Pay is and the responsibility of cardholders when using the service, plus the bank’s role in the mobile wallet.

In early June, Tangerine’s CEO clarified on Twitter Apple Pay would launch by the “end of July”, but in a recent update, the executive clarified on Twitter testing was still underway, and that he was “not certain on specific timing,” only to say the launch would be “absolutely soon.”

As of June 1, all the Big 5 banks in Canada supported Apple Pay, in what was a long wait for Canadians to finally get their hands on the mobile wallet. It appears Tangerine is set to launch support for Apple Pay fairly soon. Stay tuned, folks!

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  • Chris Paslawski


    Of note is that have no mention of Interac, leading to believe that they will not be launching a Flash-enabled version of their debit card at the same time.

  • Xiaohan Jin

    Maybe that’s too much work for them if doing them at the same time. But really looking forward.

  • Chris

    When I try to add my Tangerine debit card it says card not supported. When I try to add my MasterCard it just says not yet supported.

  • JackD

    Agree, I’m disappointed that it’s only the credit card (looks like it from the site) and likely will have to switch back to TD.