Tangerine CEO Gives Apple Pay Update, Testing Still Underway


Tangerine CEO, Peter Aceto, has provided an update on when the financial institution will launch support for Apple Pay.

Back in May, the CEO apologized for the lack of Apple Pay updates, and said support would come in 6-8 weeks, suggesting a late launch in July (he also confirmed they’re working on mobile wallet solutions for Android too).

Last week, responding to a customer, Aceto shared more news about Tangerine’s Apple Pay plans, saying testing is ongoing, but they are “not certain on specific timing”, adding support will come “absolutely soon.”

Tangerine bank apple pay

The CEO added “Can’t pinpoint the date as people would prefer. Partners and testing. Hope clients understand.”

Sounds like Apple Pay support from Tangerine is coming soon—hopefully customers can get it before the end of summer. Are you patiently waiting to get Apple Pay support from Tangerine?


  • Geeta Dutt

    Indeed, waiting patiently! I am still hoping for the end of July as they said mentioned earlier this year. Hurry up Tangerine!

  • bbousquet

    At least they are communicating. Wish I could say as much about Capital One…

  • Calvin

    I just got my credit card approved and very happy to see this news!

  • Been using a CIBC card with Apple Pay, but Tangerine is my main and rather use it. We wait…

  • artooro

    It’s encouraging to see that they are talking. I’m hoping they are able to launch it by the end of July.

  • Geeta Dutt

    So true!

  • JackD

    My tangerine card doesn’t even look like it has contactless embedded will we have to all get new debit cArds? >> date is 3 days away