Tangerine CEO: Apple Pay Coming in 6-8 Weeks, Apologizes for Delay


Yesterday we told you Tangerine would be supporting Apple Pay “in the near future”, but now the company’s CEO, Peter Aceto, has clarified the exactly timeline for the mobile wallet’s launch.

This morning, Aceto tweeted the bank is working on Apple Pay and “will have it available in 6-8 weeks”, throwing in an apology for the delay.

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RBC and CIBC launched support for Apple Pay in Canada on May 10 (we first told you it would happen that day) for their debit and Visa/MasterCard credit cards, while TD, BMO and Scotiabank will be launching support in mid-June.

To learn everything you need to know about Apple Pay in Canada, be sure to check out our FAQ here.

Thanks Cam!


  • Nick

    Tangerine is owned by Scotia right? Figure the timeframe for both is going to be the same.

  • Yup

  • Mrleblanc

    Apple didn’t update Apple Pay website: Or they didn’t sign yet but intend to do so now that consumer shows a lot of interest… Or Apple considered that they didnt need to put their logo since they are owned by ScotiaBank and Scotia just miserably failed their communication that both bank will support it at the same time!

  • fmgasparino

    I bet it will get announced at WWDC’s Keynote. June 13?

  • Nilay

    Without Scotia, Tangerine could be the first one to get Apple Pay, Now Tangerine have to follow scotia’s path. Merging is killing competition.

  • Probably not, as bigger banks like RBC and CIBC have released Apple Pay for its customers with no announcement from Apple.

  • Dominic Buteau

    But TD is similar in size and prolly would be similar timeframe.

  • Dany Quirion

    Tangerine is owened by scotiabank yes, but it us still completly independent.

  • David Vandervelde

    Tangerine has gone downhill since merging with scotia. Rates are worse. Less innovation. Sucks.

  • No I meant that Apple wouldn’t announce it. They didn’t announce it with RBC and CIBC, and those are pretty big. However, anything could be happen, and I could be wrong. But yes it will be in the same time frame.

  • KS

    8 weeks from today is July 13

  • Nick

    I can see them making an announcement like “Apple Pay launched in Canada last year with Amex, last month we added 2 more banks and today we’re happy to announce that starting today all major Canadian banks support Apple Pay.”

  • Letting the banks announce Apple Pay makes the financial institutions happy as it makes them appear to be listening to what customers want.

  • Corrode

    Rates are down but still no fees, everything is online, and their new app is iOS native. Not perfect but I’m happy.

  • Corrode

    After waiting two years for Apple Pay, I can wait two more months.