Tangerine Adds Debit Card Support for Apple Pay


Tangerine this morning has launched client card support for Apple Pay,
now allowing debit cards to be used with Apple’s mobile wallet. The bank sent out notifications to customers this morning.

Tangerine apple pay

Previously, only Tangerine MasterCard credit cards were supported for Apple Pay. The addition of debit card support comes over 11 months after Apple Pay was first launched last August. PC Financial launched credit card support for Apple Pay at the same time, but they have not added debit card support yet.

Tangerine customers are being told to update to the latest version of the Tangerine Mobile Banking app to ensure they can verify Apple Pay for debit. Another verification method is by phone call.

Back in May, we told you how Apple’s support document for Apple Pay briefly mentioned Interac debit card support for Tangerine, but was shortly taken down after. Guess that came true after all.

Let us know how Apple Pay is working with your Tangerine debit card!

Thanks Brandon & David


  • It’s Me

    And of course Presidents Choice lags behind again.

  • Cyrus Wu

    It’s a bit buggy to set up, but I got it set up after a few attempts.

  • C Pak

    I just tried and it failed.

  • Elaine Leung

    Just tried and still not working =(

  • Elaine Leung

    nevermind. after several tries, it worked!

  • MathieuM

    It works! Needed to tap “verify” in the Tangerine app mutiple times before it worked (kept giving me an error meaaage). Persistence pays off! I suggest if anyone if having trouble to try restarting the Tangerine app and trying the “verify” button again until it works.

  • Spiridus

    Took several attempts, as well but got it on both my phone and watch

  • Russell Porter

    Took two attempts but it worked. I am guessing everyone is trying and bogging down the servers atm.

  • C Pak

    It did work after a few more attempts.

  • francisranger

    Buggy indeed. Took 5 times.

  • bbousquet

    Took a few tries (both in Wallet and for the verification in the Tangerine app) but I was able to add the debit card to my phone and watch. I don’t use debit often but the girlfriend does so she’ll be happy about it.

  • MrXax

    I finally got as far as trying to verify via the Tangerine app, but it keeps failing again and again and again.

  • Andrew Viarruel

    Cannot get it to work

  • Gatoarbar

    Tried several times and nothing.

  • Geeta Dutt


  • Guillaume Steinmetz

    I had to tap the Verify button about 80 times to make it finally verified…

  • Bob Johnson

    not worth the trouble

  • Chrome262

    wish PC did this, only have my CIBC debit on my phone/watch

  • Chrome262

    I know right, as well as capitol one here, but thats because Costco Canada sucks.

  • Miguel Bertrand

    anyone on the latest iOS 11 beta able to add the card?