Tangerine, PC Financial Launch Apple Pay Support [u]


Pc financial apple pay

After months of waiting, here is some good news for Tangerine and PC Financial customers: Apple Pay support is live!

Tangerine support for Apple Pay arrives after three months after Apple officially wore down Canadian banks. RBC and CIBC were the first Canadian banks to support Apple’s mobile payment service, and since then other banks that balked at the mobile payment solution have come under pressure.

Scotiabank-owned Tangerine, however reacted to customer requests to make the service available and continued to send updates, alongside apologies, coming from the CEO Peter Aceto. In his tweet he mentioned 6-8 weeks for deploying Apple Pay. That was mid-May.

Fast forward to today: Apple Pay is now supported by all of the big five banks and now Tangerine. Tangerine’s Chief Information Officer, Charaka Kithulegoda teased that the bank was targeting end of July as the launch date for Apple Pay.

This morning Tangerine announced that it has finally deployed Apple Pay, for Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card clients, and pushed out an update to the Tangerine iOS app.

The communication from PC Financial’s side wasn’t as clear: earlier in June the communication team said “though Apple Pay is not currently available via PC Financial we’re exploring all possible mobile payment solutions. Stay tuned,” suggesting that they are working on it. The result is now visible: you can add your PC Financial World Elite MasterCard and PC Financial MasterCard cards to your Wallet.

“We know the PC Financial customer wants simplicity, convenience and, most importantly, security when making a payment, and we look forward to offering Apple Pay as a digital option that delivers on all of these values,” said Barry Columb, President, PC Bank in a statement.


Image via @robinprice

Update: To earn PC Plus points while using Apple Pay, members are required to scan their PC Plus card first, then use your iPhone for Apple Pay. Until PC Plus gets integrated into Apple Pay, this looks like the only way to do it:

You will continue to earn PC points for every $1 spent on your PC Financial MasterCard. However, at this time, in order to keep earning PC® points from PC Plus® personalized digital offers and on-shelf offers at Loblaw stores you must tap or scan a separate valid PC Plus® device (i.e. your PC Plus® card, key-fob, app, barcode within Apple Pay or plastic PC Financial MasterCard or debit card) PRIOR to paying with Apple Pay. Therefore, you will need to scan or tap twice during the transaction; first to capture your PC Plus® membership with a valid PC Plus® device and second with your Apple Pay to capture your payment information.

Update 2: Apple Pay is growing at a fast pace, with over five times the transaction volume compared to a year ago, adding one million new users every week. Consumers have spent billions of dollars with Apple Pay, which is available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Singapore and Switzerland.

In countries where Apple Pay is live, there are over 10 million contactless payment-ready retailers–2.5 million in the U.S. alone, where 3 out of 4 mobile payments are using Apple’s mobile wallet. China saw over 3 million cards added in the first 72 hours.

So far to date, over 2500 banks have signed on to accept Apple Pay.

Our readers tell us they were able to add their MasterCard cards without issue. Have you?

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  • artooro

    I’ve added my Tangerine card, but was not able to verify using the iOS app. Turns out there is an update to the app, so make sure you check for updates in the App Store first before adding your card to Wallet.

  • bbousquet

    No debit card support for Tangerine? Now that’s disappointing.

  • slicecom

    Thanks, was wondering why it wouldn’t verify.

  • Jay

    Wow, no debt card support…… disappointing for a online bank

  • Geeta Dutt

    Well, I hope they add debit cards soon or I will be very disappointed. BMO did the same thing, I was also only able to add my BMO MC first (after the AP annoucement), then a week later the debit cards worked, and they just sent out their new flash enabled debit MC cards later week. So here’s hoping Tangerine will do the same. I’m waiting Tangerine.

  • Eric

    Sweet! Up and running with my PC credit card.

  • artooro

    I bet Tangerine is still working on supporting Interac Flash and that needs to be done first before their debit cards can support Apple Pay. But I’m really happy the MC supports it finally as that’s what I use most of the time anyway.

  • Chris

    Honest question–why does everyone seem to want debit card support so much? Unless you’re just unable to get a credit card for whatever reason, I don’t understand why people prefer debit over credit. Credit gives you better purchase protection, benefits and rewards.

  • Dehop

    PC Mastercard, finally!

    I have PC Plus associated with the card though, so I’m wondering…

    1) do we get PC Plus points the same way we do when tapping with the actual card? Or scan that in separately

    2) can we *redeem* PC points through Apple Pay (i.e. it pulls up the card associated with the Apple Pay token), or do we need to use the actual card?

    It’s a minor inconvenience in both cases since we’d only need to do it at Loblaw’s or other store in the PC chain, but it would be nice.

  • LouisDC

    As long as you pay your bill entirely and on time every month!

  • LouisDC

    In other news, Desjardins is still in the process of evaluating the possibility to maybe support ApplePay, eventually.

  • Chris

    Sure, that goes with proper money management in general. You can overdraft on debit as well. In fact, using it also improves your credit score/report which is great for various life activities.

  • Dehop

    I feel the same about debit cards, I never use them unless I have no choice.

    But, for those who have impulse-control and/or budget issues, I can see why debit is preferred, to avoid racking up interest charges on their credit card(s!) month after month. Even a credit limit isn’t good enough in those cases.

  • Cornfed710

    I was wondering the same thing. I assume we’ll tap ?Pay twice, once for points and once to pay.

  • bbousquet

    For some people (myself included, in a not so distant past), the credit card can be a dangerous tool.

    Furthermore, there are still numerous locations that do not accept credit cards.

  • ticky13

    I presume that Pay would work for both those as your PC Points are associated with you credit card number, not the actual card.

  • ticky13

    Glad to see I can now add PC. Still awaiting Capital One and Amazon Chase cards to be added 🙁

  • Dehop

    Even with the card, it seems to be wildly inconsistent. At a Loblaws a single tap does both points and pays, at Superstore you have to do them separately… or vice versa… or same store on different days.

  • Cornfed710

    Seems it depends on the cashier and if they know what they’re doing.

    Our questions about how rewards will work with ?Pay are answered in the appleinsider article. Not good 🙁

  • Hillspinikin

    Sweet! PC card done!! Now its down to Capital One and Amazon,,,How’s that old Kinks song go…So Tired…Tired of Waiting…Tired of Waiting for you…

  • Corey Beazer

    Carrying around cash sucks (We can all agree on that).
    Credit cards have high interest (which i know if I paid right away I could avoid, but isn’t APPLE PAY all about convince and not having to log onto a device later to transfer money)
    Debit is the money I HAVE and am ready to spend.

    So basically Apple Pay (with debit) would just become my default (more convenient) way of spending.

  • Chris

    Set up an automatic pre-authorized payment every month to pay your entire balance. Best of both worlds.

  • sebacote

    Tried with my Tangerine MasterCard at a drive thru Tim Hortons this morning without success, the terminal said “Not supported” but worked with my plastic card, will try again tomorrow 😉

  • bbousquet

    Do yourself a service and ditch Desjardins – that’s what I did almost 25 years ago…

  • jabohn

    At Superstore it’s always been 2 taps for me… at the beginning of the transaction you tap or swipe for the points at the self checkout. Then you tap at the end to pay. Even their points cards in Wallet doesn’t work with their scanners, you have to call the attendant who then brings over the hand scanner – for this reason I just tap the card rather than having to wait.

  • Gyarados

    Sweet! But still waiting for Capital One, Chase and Rogers Bank. Come on boys!!

  • bbousquet

    Capital One isn’t even bothering with responses on Twitter anymore. They used to throw out the canned “we love mobile and are always looking at new things” line but they’ve since gone back to their cave.

  • LouisDC

    I’d love to do that, really, but I’m unfortunately a bit too involved with them. I’d rather just get a new credit card from a bank that supports ApplePay. No need to move all my accounts…

  • jabohn

    PC MasterCard working fine, can’t wait for debit support. I tried my MC twice today. This evening at Superstore with just over $100 in groceries and it required that I sign. I’ve never had to sign for that amount before. Maybe just the first time?

  • eb103

    Yeah come on Capital One – I might dump you if you don’t bring the Apple Pay

  • JackD

    Cancelled my capital one card Sunday, super easy and fold them love the card but executive managements unwillingness to support Apple Pay and android pay left me no choice but to leave.

  • Chrome262

    I just don’t like that its a PC credit card, unlike CIBC where its my visa debt. and yeah capitol one needs to step it up

  • Chrome262

    Most of the ones offered by banks have shitty interest rates and just crap in general. Plus i have a visa debt which is the best of both worlds and it can even tie to my line of credit that has 5% interest rate, which no CC can match now. So thats why debt is preferred.

  • bbousquet

    Received my Tangerine MC last week. It’s so handy to be able to use ApplePay everywhere with the Watch – totally different experience from using Amex. I do miss the instant notifications from the Amex app though (Tangerine’s notification system is somewhat unreliable).

  • jabohn

    This weekend I used ApplePay again for $110 and I was required to sign. I don’t have to sign if I just tap the card so this restriction seems pointless. I guess it’s set by the store?