133 Target Canada Stores Closing: Watch for Apple Sales in 2-3 Weeks


This morning, news broke that Target had missed the bullseye on its Canadian retail experiment and would be closing 133 stores, with 17,600 employees set to lose their jobs (but they’ll get 16 weeks of paid compensation worth $70 million). The company says it “faced significant challenges with operations, disappointing our Canadian guests.”

Target stores lasted less than two years in Canada (681 days) and the company revealed it will take $5.4 billion in pretax losses as of Q4, 2014.

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Image via The Globe and Mail

I’m sad to see Target exit Canada, it wasn’t surprising at all. Stores in our area (and across Canada) were plagued from the start, with low inventory to the point where aisles looked like they had been pillaged after a zombie apocalypse. I would imagine making profit would be difficult when you have–nothing to sell (insert imaginary caps lock).

As an official Apple reseller, the closing of Target locations does have a silver lining. Most stores are probably going to be having a fire sale on goods and third party accessories. As for iPads and iPods, I imagine slight discounts but nothing major, unless stores are really desperate to clear stock.

Target says merchandise will be marked down “in approximately 2-3 weeks”, pending Court approval of the company’s plans to hire a liquidation firm.

Are you sad Target is leaving Canada?


  • sarge

    Good riddance, the prices were outrageous in comparison to their US stores.

  • sgtRocko

    Almost bought iPad Air 2 at Christmas but the had no cases & the discount was a $30 target card … Phew!

  • Spiridus

    I was very disappointed with Target. There were rarely any deals and the mens department is so tiny, nothing to look at. I travel to the US every couple of months and just wait to spend my money there as they have much better product and better deals.

  • Mathew bhav

    Guys i worked at target….put up a lengthy post on my face book if you wanna see it

  • Timothy_Glasgow

    i’d love to see your post, Mathew. Link?

  • iFone

    Never shopped there. Completely irrelevant from my consumer point of view, but sad as many families’ income and welfare is being impacted by their exit

  • Ryan Peterson

    I liked Target and will be sad to see them go – my local store was close, clean, and well organized. The staff were great and it had quality clothing and a good selection of household and personal products. Electronics and larger household items were good too IMO. I refuse to set foot in a Walmart so we’ll see where I have to go to shop now.

  • Darcy Hudjik

    I’m sorry to hear this, both in terms of the jobs lost for the people working there and that I really like their store. Granted, the quality, price, and variety are not the same as they are in the USA stores, but I like the quality of the merchandise.

    I remember when Target first opened near my home, one of the employees told me that the stores opening in Canada were an experiment. I’m sad that it failed.

  • The ‘People of Walmart’ will welcome you with open arms! 😉

  • Jay

    Only went in one once, was surprised to see a store worse off than Zellers for christ sake. Place looked pilladged.

  • matt

    Guys here’s my post

  • K3

    That entire situation with the credit card information swipe couldn’t of helped there image much either. Even though it took place across the line people here probably decided just to stick to where they usually would shop afterwards instead.

  • Al

    The stores around Ontario that I went in always seemed fully stocked. Maybe nobody was buying anything.

    To me, they were much like the US stores in product and price. Nothing that ever appealed to me.

    They were WAY over-staffed.

    Bring back Woolco!

  • BS Detector

    Haha Woolco. …and kmart, towers, woolsworth, etc.

  • erth

    went in once, looked around, and then left. never went back. it was zellers in disguise. i don’t go to walmart much, but that is the store i would go to for things i don’t buy online.

  • Salinger

    I’d love to read your thoughts from your perspective as an employee. Have you taken it down? I didn’t see it when I clicked on the link.

  • link?

  • Your post is probably not public. That link takes me to your page, but nothing recent about Target, mostly just your movie reviews going back a few months.

  • Eric

    They will likely just send back to apple

  • OliChabot

    I worked there, it ws a really good company and I preferred Target way more than any other big surface store. Sad to see them leave, which they would have succeeded…