Here are Target Canada’s Liquidation Sale Discounts by Department [PICS]


Target Canada’s liquidation sale kicked off this morning and if you were hoping for major discounts out of the gate, you’re about to be disappointed. Turns out most items in-store are only 5-30% off, depending on the department.

We’re told Apple products are 5% off (iPads, iPods, etc) and Apple accessories are only 10% off, including third party offerings. So there aren’t mega deals just quite yet.

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Most of the store has discounts of 10-20% off, while cosmetics are 30% off. Deal hunters on RedFlagDeals have noted it’s not worth going to the store as these sales are on top of Target’s already inflated prices.

But despite that, bargain shoppers lined up outside stores anyways, such as those in Toronto, as The Hamilton Spectator reported “about a dozen people were lined up in the frigid cold outside the East York location around 7:30 a.m. before the store opened.” Ouch.

Below is a full album of discounts by department from a Target store, posted by RedFlagDeals forum member ‘sky417’. Enjoy:

The real sales won’t begin until the majority of store inventory is cleared out. That’s when you can experience being a real bottom feeder shopper, snapping up useless items you don’t really need for 70-90% off.

Let us know if you picked up anything today!

Thanks everyone for the emails!


  • Tim

    I went. It sucked. I left. The lineup to pay would have taken 30 minutes at least. Not worth it for something I can get elsewhere for the same price (including the discount).

  • krazzy4

    worse sale of the year

  • iverge

    They failed in launching and they fail in bankruptcy!

  • kathy

    Not worth it. Line ups were like 30 min wait. A few cents off is not worth it. I put a few things in my cart and decided to just leave it in an Isle and walk out. Love the fact there was a security guard checking receipts in the Red a deer store. I mean REALLY. I’ll wait a week or so to get some towels and art stuff. Just pathetic.

  • nasiraromi

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  • And any old regular sale down the street beats this sale by a country mile!

  • Biggy604

    You do know the discounts is simular to how Zellers handled their liquidation right? Also the fact its the liquidators that are putting the price point now not the parent company (which in this case the parent company is Target). Want to wait for 50% and up deals then wait a few weeks, but by that time alot of the big name items would be gone and whats left would usually be shit no one really wanted in the first place lol

  • Riddlemethis

    el crapola. they were out of stock and had empty shelves long before this “sale”. some said it would be big like black friday. lol

    what target won’t sell will end up at places like X Cargo.