Target Canada Liquidation Sales Start Thursday, Employees Told “Like Black Friday”


With 133 Target Canada stores set to close due to the American retail giant exiting Canada, liquidation sales are expected to start as soon as this Thursday, according to internal emails obtained by CBC News:

“We expect Thursday sales to double compared to a normal Thursday,” explains a Target Canada email sent to select staff on Jan. 30 about the start of liquidation sales.

“Thursday will be like Black Friday,”

The internal email to staff also requests for “all [cashier] lanes open through the weekend and all hands on deck,” plus “we need to work the trucks and empty them every day.”

The HR manager also explains to staff there will be “hardcore marketing” of the liquidation sale, set to run for 7-8 weeks on average. Prices will be set by “Liquidator Consultants” assigned to locations to finalize store closures.

Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder told CBC News “If the liquidation is approved by the court, Target Canada expects that liquidation would begin within a few days.”

What does this mean for Apple users? As an official reseller of Apple products, chances are you’ll be able to find something on sale in the store, whether it’s on remaining iOS devices or accessories.

If you’re going to hit up a Target on Thursday, let us know what you find on sale (that is if there’s stock on the shelves).


  • Al

    Liquidation prices typically don’t get that interesting until almost nothing is left. Hence the statement that sales will double. “Double” for Target means 2 cashiers open with 2 people deep.

  • Maybe you’ll find better deals on existing groceries in stock.

  • Biggy604

    Well 10% or 15% whatever Target starts with plus a redcard if one has it (for the additional 5% off) on high priced electronics might be a good buy especially if you’re to buy iPads/iPods considering how much they actually go on sale and if they do go on sale it isnt by that much either.

    People especially in Richmond BC will eat up a chance to save up on anything apple releated.

  • Biggy604

    Other then that, the other “sales” is not even warrented ro make it “black friday” like.

  • Al

    They may continue bringing in fresh stock to keep people coming in for regular stuff. Zellers did that with consumables.

  • matt

    i heard that all the apple devices will have to go back to apple….i think it will just be the accessories that will apply for the liquidation process

  • Paul Herman

    Local Target has been cleaning out the “good” stuff by liquidation companies picking out choice items. Not much will be left for the consumer. Another “No Deliver” from Target.

  • Al

    I doubt that very much. They may do something creative like drop the price to a typical Apple product sale price and then give a Target gift card, thus getting people to purchase other stuff in the store.

  • Biggy604

    They can’t sell Gift Cards anymore, therefore there is no Target Promo since its all handled by a liquidator apointed by the supreme court. From what I been told, so if thats the case Target is no longer in charge of the pricing in all their 133 stores.

  • Al

    Gift cards aside… The liquidator operates in the background. It’s just stuff for sale at Target. That’s all that matters. The liquidator will use whatever sales tactics they see fit to move merchandise… just like Target would. So your comments about no promos and Target no longer in charge, are irrelevant.

  • Red

    For those in Montreal, don’t bother going, only 10% on accessories and no apple products on sale.

  • Sad

    The store told me that they will be sending all Apple, bose and beats products back!