‘Target Mobile’ Stores in Canada to Be Operated by GLENTEL in 2013


Target is set to open retail stores in Canada next year (most in former Zellers locations) and today they have announced a partnership with Burnaby-based GLENTEL to operate their mobile stores. The latter is Canada’s largest independent multi-carrier mobile phone retailer, with current stores such as Wireless Wave and Tbooth Wireless.

“We are proud to be selected by Target as the exclusive operator of its mobile communications products and services display fixtures at the majority of store locations across Canada,” said Tom Skidmore, president and CEO, GLENTEL.  “As Canada’s largest independent multi-carrier mobile phone retailer, GLENTEL is well positioned and committed to delivering its premium wireless retail experience to Target’s valued guests across Canada.”

Target Canada will license the operation to GLENTEL under the in-store brand, Target Mobile, which will appear in the planned 125 stores across the country starting in March/April 2013, with future locations coming a year later.

This is good news for us, as it just means more choice and availability for our wireless needs. I just hope Target in Canada will be as good as Target in the USA.


  • Matthew

    The same company that runs WIRELESSWAVE. I really hope that Target Mobile’s employees are better that WW’s.

  • draz

    “I just hope Target in Canada will be as good as Target in the USA.”
    I hope the same thing too. I think they would be very close, just like Lowes, Home Depot, Mc Donalds and others are run very similarly to their US counter-parts and are just as good. Target is taking over 2yrs (since the official announcement) to make-over Zellers stores and train the new staff.

  • I hope they bring some competition to Canada especially in electronics, mobiles and video games : )

  • Every time a US retailer comes to Canada it’s always watered down. Chipotle in Toronto doesn’t taste anything like Chipotle in the US, where it’s friggin amazing.

  • Hiya_tiger

    I actually have an Interview with Target Canada around the new year. If I get it, I’ll hopefully try and give you all a good Target experience.

  • Cool. Good luck and keep us updated!