Taxi Companies to File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Uber in Québec


Taxi companies may be satisfied now and heading off to the nearest store to buy a bottle of champagne: a Québec Superior Court judge has allowed local taxi companies and drivers to launch a class-action lawsuit against the ride-sharing company Uber (via CBC News).

Uber montreal

Marc-Antoine Cloutier, the lawyer representing the Québec-based taxi companies and drivers, said they are seeking to reclaim hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue due to Uber’s launch in Québec in 2014. The lawsuit covers all taxi and limousine companies and drivers working in Montreal, its south and north shore, and in the Québec City area.

“This is the first big victory for the taxi industry against Uber,” Cloutier told CBC’s French language station, Radio-Canada.

“We’re talking about 15,000 to 20,000 taxi drivers and fairly important numbers — a loss of value for their taxi permits, loss of revenue.”

The Superior Court’s ruling comes just four months after the Québec government signed a one year-pilot project with the ride-sharing service, sparking the ire of taxi companies, who called the pilot project “a betrayal and a humiliation.”

On the other hand, Premier Philippe Couillard responded to the taxi industry by saying that the pilot project didn’t post any threat to them.

Uber Canada, however, is currently focusing on delivering a quality service to Québecers, but it is aware of the threat the class-action lawsuit represents, but declined to comment further while speaking with CBC News.


  • Patrick Bouchard

    Based on this logic, I should sue every web developer who’s better and more experienced than me, because if it weren’t for them I could make more money. Or, you know, I can continue to learn and adapt to new technologies and innovations like a normal person.
    Sick and tired of these whiny babies.

  • Jake

    Exactly… this doesn’t make sense. “Someone wants to compete with me who’s better at what I do. If I sue them then I don’t have to get any better.”

  • OliChabot

    Agree. But the sad thing is that the government’s obligate taxi drivers to buy licenses. This is one of the main complaints of taxi drivers. If Uber comes to their city and takes all the demand to itself, then taxi licenses are worth nothing. So a license they paid 150 000$, which they thought would keep its value because its a state law, now is worth 0$. pretty frustating…

  • TwitchyPuppy

    Boohoo.. they don’t want competition?

    They should start making their trips worth it instead of whining.

    Restaurants should sue each other. And doctors. And car dealers.