TCONNECT Free Wi-Fi Rollout Complete at All Underground TTC Subway Stations


BAI Canada and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) have announced a milestone: all underground subways stations now have free ad-supported Wi-Fi, as the TCONNECT network rollout is complete.

The TCONNECT Wi-Fi network has roughly 130,000 logins per day from 90,000 unique devices, with users consuming over 9 terabytes of data per month. The busiest station is Bloor-Yonge and the busiest day is Thursday.

In regards to cellular coverage, BAI told iPhone in Canada via email 53 TTC subway stations have cell network coverage for Freedom Mobile customers, with a full completion of their cellular platform slated for the end of 2017.

While Freedom Mobile is the only carrier part of BAI Canada’s cellular network, the company said it “remains committed to working with the TTC and the other carriers to bring them onto this great service and help their customers stay connected throughout their transit journey.”

Rogers, Telus and Bell so far have held out from BAI Canada’s cellular network. No word if and when Canadian customers of the Big 3 will see their carrier join the network–and pay for access. It didn’t happen in Montreal and it doesn’t look like it will happen in Toronto.


  • Great news!

  • SOB

    I find the TCONNECT connection spotty at best. A lot of times I am unable to connect. Would also be nice if u can still have WIFI on the train itself.

  • Bill___A

    I don’t really see how ad supported wi fi is going to work…I expect people open their browser to log in and then use whatever app they want, which isn’t going to let third party wi fi providers send ads. As t the mystery why one of the very smallest carriers is providing LTE service on the country’s busiest subway system, and somehow none of the big 3 are, having not seen the numbers, I can only speculate that someone is trying to pocket too much money on this or there is some other significant man made constraint. Publicly run transportation systems are for everyone, and if they are going to put in wireless or LTE, it should be done in consultation with all the major players so that the maximum number of people are served.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    By the time you log in, your train arrives – and the Wi-Fi doesn’t work in the tunnels. Is the advertising revenue really worth it? It can’t cost that much to provide Wi-Fi.

  • MrXax

    WiFi at transit stations. What a time to be alive.

    Could we pretend it’s 2017 and get service in the tunnels now?