TD Apple Pay Launch Set for Tomorrow Morning: Sources [u]


Update: It has been confirmed now: Apple Pay will launch for TD, BMO and Scotiabank tomorrow.

Today was the rumoured date for TD to launch Apple Pay support, but nothing has materialized yet. However, sources familiar with the situation speaking on the condition of anonymity have now informed iPhone in Canada the bank’s Apple Pay launch will take place tomorrow morning, before the work day starts.

TD Canada Trust first leaked support for Apple Pay last fall on their website, under “Ways to Pay”. The page for Apple Pay re-emerged after support was officially announced, but as of recently, it is not longer listed. Customers are being told by the bank’s social media team to visit this page regarding Apple Pay, noting a launch is “coming soon”.

Last Wednesday, we told you TD employees began getting briefed on Apple Pay, so tomorrow’s launch would be one week after training staff on how to setup customers with Apple’s mobile wallet, available on an iPhone 6 or newer (or Apple Watch).

Late last Friday, TD Canada for iOS was updated to note Apple Pay support was here, for the company’s TD Access Debit card and Visa cards. Scotiabank and BMO’s iOS apps were similarly updated to note Apple Pay was forthcoming (birdies tell us BMO’s launch is also tomorrow, while it would also make sense for Scotia to launch simultaneously too).

Last week it was reported Apple Pay would be launching in “several weeks” for TD, Scotiabank and BMO (everyone knows something was planned for June), and if tomorrow’s date pans out, it would be a case of under promising and over delivering by banks.

ATB Financial earlier announced Apple Pay in-app purchases are set to launch June 1 (they’ve since deleted their tweet, oops!), which would coincide nicely as a date where other big Canadian banks would jump onboard to support the mobile wallet as well.


  • Z S

    Here’s hoping Scotiabank is launching tomorrow, too. Getting antsy.

  • David

    Remember there were reports that the delay in launching for TD, BMO, and Scotia was because those three wanted in-app usage to launch at the same time, and they were holding for the general launch of in-app. Given the ATB announcement, it’s very believable that all three will launch tomorrow morning.

    Doesn’t mean they will of course, but the information does hang together fairly well.

  • John

    I wonder about MBNA bank MasterCard if it will launch tomorrow? Since TD owns MBNA MasterCard.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    from the narrative ive been reading no mbna tomorrow BUT they will be supported soon and it will coincide with support for td mastercard cashback

  • John

    Thanks. Still waiting for CIBC to fix their MasterCard Petro Points issue.

  • gggg

    it better be tomorrow im getting pissed at td

  • David

    Me too!!