TD Bank Planning Apple Pay Soft Launch Tomorrow in the USA [u]


TD Bank is set to soft launch Apple Pay in the U.S. tomorrow, according to sources speaking with MacRumors, which lists the following eligible credit cards for American customers:

Eligible cards are listed below:

– TD Bank Visa Debit Card
– TD Bank Business Visa Debit Card
– TD Bank Private Client Visa Debit Card
– TD Easy Rewards Visa (Platinum & Signature) Credit Card
– TD Cash Rewards Visa (Platinum & Signature) Credit Card
– TD Payment Plus Visa Platinum Credit Card
– TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card
– TD Business Solutions Visa Credit Card
– TD Simply Flexible Visa Business Card

Sources go on to say a full-scale launch is set for mid-January next year, which will also have an aggressive marketing plan by the Canadian bank’s U.S. subsidiary to push Apple Pay. Employees have been training for Apple Pay since earlier this month.

Back in November, TD Bank informed American customers on its website “TD has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring Apple Pay to Customers ASAP!”

The question remains whether the Canadian bank is similarly pushing for an Apple Pay launch here. Earlier this month, Brian Roemmele, a self-professed Apple Pay expert claimed “talks are now fast tracked” for a Canadian launch of the mobile payment system, despite TD Bank’s CIO mentioning in October the launch would be “at least a year away.”

TD Bank was the first Canadian bank to make its NFC mobile payment system TD Mobile Payment available on all ‘Big 3’ wireless carriers Rogers, Bell and Telus, back in May.

The race is on to see which Canadian bank will be the first to launch Apple Pay. With TD already establishing Apple Pay in the U.S. so quickly, it’s a good sign a Canadian launch could be imminent, since we now know a relationship has been established with Apple.

Update: TD Bank in the U.S. now officially supports Apple Pay.


  • nate dog

    My guess will be CIBC. They seem to care about the mobile side the most. E-cheque deposit is awesome.

  • Yeah that would be my second guess as well. They were first to launch mobile chequing, way ahead of the others.

  • Al

    But they were way behind in everything else related to on-line banking.

  • Al

    TD U.S. is essentially a separate entity playing under a separate set of rules. This really doesn’t suggest anything with regard to Apple Pay coming to Canada any sooner.

  • Eric

    What if you have a US credit card but with TD canada???

  • What does that have to do with mobile features that we’re talking about?

  • Al

    Broadly speaking, it’s all run from the same department. They historically have been behind everyone else, except for mobile chequing. “One feature” does not suddenly make them a leader in computerized banking. Especially considering that payment processing is an ENTIRELY different animal, in that it requires joint work with other entities.

  • Al

    Must be a card from a US bank. In which case, it’s not worth it.

  • Thierry Marques

    TD does that too 😉

  • K3

    Don’t mind the guy he’s always “broadly speaking” then back paddles a few days later to more “accurately encompass” his understanding of the term “broadly speaking”.
    Ask him the secrets of the universe and you’ll have an answer.

  • BBLB

    You can get a TD America Chequing Account even if you are in Canada. I have a TD America Visa Debit and this card is listed in the list above. You just need to make sure you apply for the right one, the TD Borderless Plan will not work, but TD Cross Border Banking will. See here